Why the Christmas Carols Are Playing Before the Turkey is Even Cooked

Source: Trip Advisor

Picture this: You walk into the mall on November 1st and see Christmas trees and lights everywhere, celebrating the holiday season before Thanksgiving has even happened. Some people think that this is preposterous. Why are stores putting out Christmas trees? Halloween was yesterday. Yet, why do people get so mad about celebrating Christmas for more than 25 days? After all, it is the most wonderful time of the year.

Whenever I see Christmas decorations, no matter what time of the year it is, I automatically turn into Mariah Carey and start singing ‘All I Want for Christmas is You.’ However, I know that it is really not socially acceptable to start celebrating in July, so I try to aim for November 1st. I think that the reason people are decorating so early in stores and selling items in advance is because of how stressful going shopping during the holiday season actually is. Instead of buying a fake Christmas tree five days before Christmas, stores like Target and Kohl’s are starting early because they know if a shopper sees the tree sitting there fully stocked, they will end up buying it to get ahead of the game. I understand, though, why some people are not enjoying the Christmas spirit before Thanksgiving.

It is seen as extremely disrespectful to ignore a holiday that is very important to everyone’s culture in the United States. Thanksgiving is a time of the year that we come together as a union and appreciate everything that we have. As a nation, we are extremely fortunate, especially with what material goods we have. By selling Christmas decorations and decorating early for the holiday season, it is almost looked at as a way to not appreciate how fortunate we are. Although this is not the store’s intentions, to many it is seen as a disrespectful and I do not think that stores realize what they are doing until uprisings of not acknowledging Thanksgiving start to happen.

I know I am an avid Christmas lover, but I do love thanksgiving too. It is necessary for all of those people who get angry over Christmas decorations being sold early to realize that it is not about ignoring holidays, but rather about checking boxes off the long list of gifts people need to buy during the holiday season. It is not about liking one holiday more than the other, but it is just what we tend to need more. Christmas is wonderful time of the year that brings everyone closer together, starting with Thanksgiving. So why not celebrate for more than 25 days?