When I first enrolled at Bryant University, I did not expect to be in a fraternity. That changed when I met the brothers of the Sigma Chi fraternity. They were a bunch, they were recognized and praised on campus and some of the most down to earth people I have ever met. I instantly wanted to be a part of their organization. I began asking them many questions about the fraternity, and I was intrigued. Sigma Chi is one of the largest and oldest social fraternity, ranked number one nationally as well. Sigma Chi was founded on June 28th, 1855 at Miami (Ohio) University. Sigma Chi’s purpose is to promote the concepts of Friendship, Justice, and Learning. Its mission statement is to develop values-based leaders committed to the betterment of character, campus, and community. Now that I am a part of the fraternity, I want to help recruit potential members. So why Sigma Chi?

Nationally Ranked

Sigma Chi is rated one of the top fraternities nationally, and in their case, internationally too! Sigma Chi has chapters in Canada as well, which is very uncommon. The Lambda Eta Chapter at Bryant University is one of the top chapters in the country! Since receiving their charter in 2010, Bryant Sigma Chi has received at least a Blue Peterson Award every year. This means they are among the top 20% of chapters globally. In 2014, Bryant Sigma Chi was the #2 ranked Sigma Chi chapter, impressive! On June 12th, 2005, Sigma Chi was the first Greek letter society to be honored and recognized by the United States Congress for the fraternity’s 150th Anniversary.


 Our brothers are highly active and involved on campus.  Brothers of Sigma Chi at Bryant are involved in over 50 different clubs and organizations! Some involvements include The Archway Newspaper, Archway Fund, Bottom Line Accapella, Bulldog Leaders, CEO, Colleges Against Cancer, Club Sports, Division I Athletes, Enactus, Inter-Fraternity Council, Intramurals, OCE and Campus Employees, Orientation Leaders, Resident Assistants, ROTC,  Student Ambassadors, Student Senate, and Special Olympics to just name a few.

Alumni, Networking, and Brotherhood.

Sigma Chi is known to have many famous alumni, these gentlemen are called “Significant Sigs”. These special brothers include Actors John Wayne, Brad Pitt, Woody Harrelson, David Letterman, and Tom Selleck, Country Singers Luke Bryan and Cole Swindell, Quarterback Drew Brees, Football Coaches Mike Ditka, Urban Meyer, and Sean Payton, just to name a few. In regards to our chapter, we currently have almost 100 alumni who have graduated from Bryant who are currently working all across the country. They are still super involved within the chapter and still stay connected with brothers. Currently, we have 65 active brothers. The brotherhood is unreal, these group of gentlemen are always here for you during your best moments and your worst. These men are your future roommates, best friends, travel partners and even the men at your wedding.  a unnamed (1)


               Giving back to the community and being involved in Philanthropic events is extremely important to the brothers of Sigma Chi. Sigma Chi at Bryant helps fundraise for many different causes such as St. Jude’s Up ‘Til Dawn, American Cancer Society-Relay for Life, St. Baldrick’s, Dare to Dream Ranch, RI Blood Center and other philanthropy events that take place at Bryant University and the Rhode Island Community. But the big one, and Sigma Chi’s international philanthropy, is The Huntsman Cancer Institute. Significant Sig and Politician, John Huntsman, fully funded this facility in Utah in hopes to be the generation to end cancer. Everything is covered financially, so all donations go directly to cancer research. Sigma Chi chapters across the country host a weeklong event called Derby Days for this philanthropy. All week long teams of Sigma Chi brothers and sorority sisters compete against each other in many events to help raise money for the Huntsman Cancer Institute. This year, over $8,500 dollars were raised by Bryant Sigma Chi!

Zero Tolerance, No Hazing Policy

               In 2005, a national zero-tolerance hazing policy was established and adopted by Sigma Chi Nationals. Our headquarters have been proactive and created a model pledge program that focuses on developing a purely intellectual leadership experience that helps the pledges learn about the ritual and the history of the fraternity. This program is called P4B, Preparation for Brotherhood. These sessions and workshops aim to educate members to conduct themselves as gentlemen, understand the consequences of hazing, and create a positive environment and culture, giving no opportunities for hazing.


If you are interested in rushing Sigma Chi and want to learn more about it, contact either myself (wtondo@bryant.edu), Recruitment Chair Matt Gosselin (mgosselin@bryant.edu) or President Trevor Perron (tperron@bryant.edu)