Often when I am writing for the newspaper, it is usually about something rather serious. However, you did read that title correctly and I will be writing about the extremely serious and important topic of Donald Duck and why he is the most powerful character in the Kingdom Hearts universe.  

Kingdom Hearts is a video game franchise that was created almost two decades ago by Square Enix in collaboration with Disney. For most of the games, the player will play as the main protagonist of the series: Sora. Throughout the games, Sora will have different party members to fight with him depending on the world that he is in, but there are just about always two characters that are always journeying with him. These two characters are Goofy and Donald Duck. 

Donald Duck is King Mickey’s royal mage, and, during battle, he uses plenty of magic. He can be seen as special character because of the usual spells that he uses. Most of the spells he uses are considered black magic in Square Enix terms. He can cast different levels of the spells he has. Donald’s most common offensive magic includes shooting out balls of fire from his staff, projecting a burst of ice at enemies, and summoning bolts of lightning. He is also able to crush enemies by using gravity and can stop time for a limited period of time in a limited radius. In certain situations, Donald can also use attacks consisting of fireworks, rockets, and meteors.  

Donald Duck is not special because of the black magic that he uses, but he is special because he can use both black and white magic spells. One of his two main white magic spells is aero. This spell creates a shield of wind around whoever Donald chooses and it prevents the character from taking damage from most attacks for a brief amount of time. It can also deal slight amounts of damage when the character goes up to an enemy while the wind is still surrounding them. The other white magic spell is the spell Donald receives the most flak for by the Kingdom Hearts community. Cure is a white magic spell that restores a certain amount of HP (health points) to a party member of Donald’s choosing.  

There are a multitude of reasons for why Donald is attacked by the community for having this spell. One of the reasons is that he has a low HP. If he dies in battle, it will take time for him to revive and even if he has enough magic to heal Sora, he cannot do it until he is revived which can take about thirty seconds to a minute at times. He also receives criticism because there are times that when Sora is in need of a heal, Donald may end up healing himself, Goofy, or another party member instead. What most players fail to realize is the fact that Donald should not even have this ability in the first place. A character is not meant to be able to use white and black magic, and the only other characters that can do this besides Donald are playable characters. Donald’s cure may not be perfect, but at least the creators of the game decided to grant him the ability to have this spell as well as using offensive black magic.  

Donald Duck also has the ability to change the clothing and appearance of characters in order to fit in with the world they are visiting. Throughout the games, Sora, Donald, and Goofy, will visit countless worlds, some being based off of Disney films while others are original worlds created by Square Enix. The trio need to look like they fit in to make sure that the characters from that world do not know that they are from another world to keep order among worlds. When they visit the world based off of The Lion King, Donald transforms Sora into a lion, himself into a flying bird, and Goofy into a tortoise. Donald transforms Sora into a merman, himself into a squid, and Goofy into a turtle when they visit the world based off of The Little Mermaid. Donald’s ability to transform them into whatever is needed to keep order shows how he excels in sorcery. 

Donald is also capable of performing more than just magical attacks. His melee attacks may not be as powerful as characters like Goofy and Sora, but when he is waiting for his MP (magic points) to restore, he can still pack a powerful punch. He has the capability to whack opponents with his staff and perform melee combos that deal a decent amount of damage. Like Sora and Goofy, Donald is also granted the power to jump incredibly high and to fly and glide. 

Kingdom Hearts III truly showcased Donald Duck as the most powerful and capable character in the series. In the Keyblade Graveyard, after Terranort killed or nearly killed Ventus and Lea, he was preparing to attack Kairi next. Sora tried to block Kairi from being attacked by hugging her, and when Terranort went to batter Sora, Goofy blocked his attack using his shield. While Terranort was stunned, Donald prepared an incredible attack. He held his staff with one hand and turned his other hand into a fist. A red circle formed around Donald, and many symbols gathered inside of the circle. Goofy yelled out “Donald, don’t!”, but Donald proceeded in pointing his staff at Terranort and yelling out “Zettaflare!”. A giant red and white laser blasts out of his staff and it completely encompasses Terranort, proceeding to obliterate him from existence. This spell did come at a price, with Donald then dropping his staff and appearing to be either dead or nearly dead. If this did not kill him, Donald was killed by a heard of enemies known as heartless, but he was eventually restored by Sora.  

There is only one spell in the series that is known to be more powerful than Zettaflare, but it has never been seen to be performed. This spell basically did drain Donald, but he was capable of completely annihilating a human without a trace. Terranort was not seen again until the effects of everyone’s deaths were undone, so it can be assumed that Terranort was killed. Not only was Terranort killed, but his body was nowhere to be seen, so the spell was powerful enough to kill and to exterminate of the body. No other character in the series can make the claim of using this spell, so it can be assumed that only Donald is capable of conducting a spell like this.  

Throughout the series of Kingdom Hearts, Donald Duck has not always faced the most positive reviews from fans. He has been criticized to no end and many have considered him a horrible waste of pixels. I, for one, verify Donald Duck as one of the most useful and powerful character in the series. There is no other character that has been shown to be capable of doing what Donald can. He can perform all sorts of black and white magic spells and attacks, he can turn himself and others into whatever they need to be in order to fit in with the world they are in, can perform melee attacks, and can even obliterate a man from existence. I hope this has given you a new perspective on out feathered friend and let it be known that there is no one more powerful and skilled than Donald Duck.