On April 20th, Bryant University was excited to host Dr. Riall Nolan, Professor of Anthropology at Purdue University and international specialist, in order to discuss the importance of universities realizing the need to internationalize.

Before working at Purdue, Dr. Nolan practiced social anthropology, receiving a PhD at the University of Sussex in 1975, and handled international programs at both the University of Pittsburgh and the University of Cincinnati. In 2003 when joining Purdue University, his main focus became study abroad, working with international students, strategy and policy development for overseas activities, and the development of international relationships. Dr. Nolan also teaches a master’s course in the development of anthropology at Cambridge University in the UK. He has numerous experiences frequenting universities on issues of international development, applied anthropology, and the strategy and practice of international education, and Bryant was among the many to have the honor.

Within the conversation, Dr. Nolan discussed the rapidly globalizing environment and how it pertains to students at universities. He urges scholars to learn the importance of internationalization in order to prepare themselves to succeed in this forever-changing environment. Dr. Nolan brought up how these points are now even more stressed during this time as the nation is facing negative ideas towards globalization and international relationships.

In terms of universities, he brought to light the importance of getting a taste of an international experience during college years. Whether it be a semester abroad or a week, Dr. Nolan highlighted the idea that a global experience throughout college years can have an overall long-term reward. Thus, his advice supported his main point in that universities that are adapting more of an international outlook will be the ones that succeed overall.

All in all, Dr. Nolan’s forum addressing the crucial significance of globalizing universities brings to surface a wonderful topic in present times. His discussions on how creating and maintaining international relationships bring up a good point about the rapidly-growing global environment. With a form of an international experience, scholars and universities are bound to result in success.


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