By Zachary Frank  

Every year the Superbowl attracts millions of viewers to watch what team is going to be the champion of this year’s season. The other millions of viewers that tune in to the Superbowl but don’t like football are there for the commercials that these big corporations spend lavishly on to attract the most attention. As its well noted, Superbowl commercials are known as being the most interesting as they try to relay their messages in either a comedic or sentimental way. This year was no different as company’s spared no expenses to make sure their commercial leaves a lasting impact.  

The best Superbowl commercials that leave the most impact for me are the ones that hit a nostalgic pain pointThe commercials that allow you to reminisce on your past and remember the joyous times. A company that did this extremely well was Walmart. Their commercial was full of old whimsical character such as Flash from Flash Gordon, the aliens from “Mars Attacks”, and even R2D2 from Star Wars. These characters allow the viewer to connect with the commercial in their own personal way creating a special relationship between them and the advertising company. Though, the utilization of old characters can be seen as “cheesy”, I believe Walmart was able to avoid this perception as their commercial followed a consistent theme of extraterrestrials. 

Another ad that was run very successfully while utilizing the power of nostalgia was the NFL Next 100 commercial. This commercial was paying homage to all the great football players of the past and what is coming next for the future of football. The scene that I especially enjoy from this commercial is when the kid is walking through the tunnel surrounded by hall of fame football players. Not only was it very cool to see all these fantastic athletes again, but the sense of inspiration I received as this young kid is walking past his heroes and interacting with them was what made this one of the better commercials of the night. This commercial sends a message of motivation to the younger generation that with hard work and perseverance you can as well be great.  

Finally, a commercial that stood on top of the rest, was the heart wrenching message produced by Google. Google was advertising how one of their products can be used to remember things. This message was sent through the story of an old man trying to remember things about his deceased wife. Throughout the commercial, the old man is asking Google to remember small details about his wife as the more he remembers the more he can enjoy the thought of his beloved wife. This commercial hit home instantly as it touches on the deep connections that we have with the people we love. Google went with a very sentimental and tear jerking commercial instead of a comedic one which proved to be a success. I believe this commercial was the most effective as it was able to fully develop its message for a lasting impact all while selling you a product.  

Therefore, the top three ads from the Superbowl in descending order are from Google, NFL, and Walmart.