Source: Her Campus The Dawg Pound supporting the men’s basketball team with a white out!

By Christina Gramling

There is one thing that Bryant University lacks more than your average school, school spirit. On a Saturday afternoon you will find more people waiting in line for Dunkin than you will in the stands at a football game.

School Spirit is the love and pride students have for their university, it doesn’t involve just showing up for sports events, but academic and social events as well. Although some may say it does not matter, it truly makes a difference in the atmosphere of a university. School spirit creates adrenaline in the stands, which drives the athletes to succeed. The crowd feels like a key instrument of the victory, making the school to feel like an even bigger team.  It creates a sense of unity and belonging, which is crucial to students adjusting to the college transition. It recognizes that even though everyone is different, we can all support one goal. School spirit is an easy feeling to spread, whether it be students, faculty, athletes, the Machtley’s, or alumni, we all share the love of Bryant. So why does Bryant have such a problem displaying their pride?

Bryant University is known for having a supportive and close-knit community. Bryant students are encouraged to be involved in many activities, as well as keep their grades to a certain standard. Fulfilling these obligations is time consuming, not to forget the amount of group projects that are assigned. For many students, afternoons and nights are filled with meeting with groups, homework, or class. These obligations occupy our time that might have been spent at sporting or social events.

While school comes first, it is important to recognize the benefits of school spirit. Studies have found that school spirit directly correlates with better academic grades, more engagement in social events and increased happiness. Those schools that have a tremendous amount of school spirit find their students are building relationships easier, and are more likely to branch out and be active on campus.

Athletes, coaches and alumni are not lacking athletic talent either. Bryant swimmer, Ben Schulte represented Guam and Bryant University in the 2016 Rio Olympics, Mike Pressler is one of the best lacrosse coaches in the nation, and currently 6 Bryant alumni play Minor League Baseball. In 2014 alone, Bryant took home six Northeast Conference titles. Our athletic teams are a great part of our community and continue to represent us among the  

It is up to the current classes at Bryant to create a tradition, where going to sports games becomes an experience. An experience where students create lasting memories of games and share the pride of their school with each other.

So gather up your dawgs and show your support and pride for our school at the next game. Go Bulldogs!