Recently, North Korea fired another missile, which crossed overhead of Japan’s Northern Island Hokkaido but ultimately fell into the ocean. Likewise, the United States Pacific command stated that the missile was of no threat to the United States. This is now the 15th missile test that North Korea has initiated this year. Yet, the United Nations just recently passed a brand-new package deal of sanctions on North Korea, which caused the North Korean media to announce that the North Korean leader and its military had announced that as a response to the sanctions there would ultimately be retaliation, which many believe to be this latest act of strength. The new package of sanctions that were approved were limited in scale these included but not limited to the cap on crude and refined oil exports to North Korea, additionally the sale of natural gas will be prohibited and refined petroleum sales will be capped” (NPR).

Moreover, due to the missile test the entire island of Japan went into alert mode. This is because the Japanese civil defense system has announced via television and radio broadcasts and outgoing text-messages across mobile phones in its northern section. As a response Japan has confirmed its initiative to fully cooperate with the United States and other relevant countries of the situation to respond to these acts of aggression. Moreover, the Japanese government has also announced that it will do all that is allowed to keep its home and domestic population safe.

South Korea determined and announced the site at which the test was initiated from which was Sunan, the site of the North Korean’s main airport. Likewise, the South Koreans initiated their defensive response being the live-firing of its ballistic missiles in a response.

The White house likewise has announced that the Trump Administration and President Trump himself have been briefed on the most current and malevolent actions taken by the North Koreans. Moreover, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson announced that “[t]hese continued provocations only deepen North Korea’s diplomatic and economic isolation” (NPR). In addition to this statement Tillerson also expressed hope that both China and Russia would start taking an increase and direct stand against North Korea. This is in the hopes that the two will assist in taking a specific and hard action against the Kim Jong un regime.

However, only time will tell if both China and Russia will become sterner on North Korea. Moreover, many in the international and academic world have raised the question on whether or not the United States or some other key global player would in affect work out a nuclear deal with the North Koreans much like the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action Agreement the United States and Iran agreed to in 2015. The JCOPA ultimately curtailed Iran’s nuclear program to the effect that they are formally unable to create any nuclear bomb but are allowed to have a nuclear program that has a specific purpose of creating domestic nuclear energy.