Source: Good Houskeeping

By Katie O’Connor

Food, family, fun. These are a few things students here at Bryant are looking forward to over this Thanksgiving break. With long weeks of midterms behind us and the semester well over the halfway point, students deserve a break to help them finish the semester with a bang. There are a few dates to keep in mind as break is quickly approaching. Thanksgiving recess begins on Tuesday, November 21st. Night classes are cancelled for that Tuesday since students should be out of their resident halls by 5:00pm that night. With a short five-day break, Thanksgiving recess is the perfect length. Thanksgiving day is on November 23rd. Classes will start back up on that following Monday, November 27th. Students can’t wait to take their minds off of school work and head home to their family. I interviewed a few students here at Bryant to find out what they are excited for over break. After speaking with a few close friends, it is very clear many of the students here miss their family dearly. I interviewed my teammate, Camryn Wesoloskie, who stated, “I am most looking forward to spending time with my family because I do not get to see them that often. My family has a lot of traditions for Thanksgiving that I really enjoy.” Most families share a traditional turkey dinner with stuffing, salad, and cranberry sauce. Although this meal may vary, it is still a popular choice for dinner. Many students here at Bryant also have family, friends, and even pets to go home to. My roommate, Kierstin Lock, had said, “I am really looking forward to seeing my family and my dog. I also can’t wait to see my little cousins who I have not seen in a long time, so I can see much they have grown.” Since students have been away at college they have not had a lot of time to spend with their family and friends from home. Many people have relatives from far away that travel to be with their families over Thanksgiving break. This is also something that students are looking forward to. My friend, Alex Morrow, briefly stated, “I am looking forward to seeing family I have not been able to see in a while.” After speaking with a few friends, it is clear that students are just counting down the days to be with their families again. Thanksgiving is a time to reconnect and bond with relatives as well as old friends. Since many students had separated with their high school friends to head off to college, they can finally meet up again and hear all about each other’s college experiences. Once students head back from break there is only a few weeks left until first semester is complete. Final examinations will begin starting December 14th and will end December 20th. Before students know it, it will be time for second semester to begin. Thanksgiving break is a great opportunity for students to connect with people back home and to prepare themselves for the few hectic weeks left in the first semester.