We, as Hillary supporters


By C.G. Roberts

We, as Hillary supporters, are ready to continue the work championed by Democrats, who understand that inclusive politics — politics that not only aim to encapsulate the struggles and triumphs of all Americans, regardless of race, gender, religion, creed, and socioeconomic standing, but also stand in stark contrast to explicit nativist nationalism — is the kind of politics that will perpetuate and proliferate the unwavering spirit within each and every American.

We, as Hillary supporters, feel that our global standing throughout the world is first and foremost projected by the face of our country: our president, whose words, actions, and communications, while perceived as superficial and unrepresentative by some, are the tools by which our fellow countries judge and generalize our repute, honorability, and respectfulness as a whole nation.

We, as Hillary supporters, understand that experience is paramount; that decades of public service in the name of the selfless betterment of American society is how we must decide who to give our support to, who we go once more unto the breach alongside, whom we must filter the entirety of our trust through with daring confidence in their abilities to take the helm of our great vessel of democracy and steer through storms, rough swells, turbulent winds, and inescapable odds, promising that our destination is worth the hardships, the frustration, the obstructions and intentional lethargy imposed on us by staunch and fervent opposition.

We, as Hillary supporters, recognize the hate manifested within our electoral opposition; a hate epitomized by racism, xenophobia, misogyny, narcissism, selfishness, and ignorance proffered to an America that is sick and tired of archaically overt prejudice by a man whose entire privileged life has been completely disconnected from the true American experience; where everyday Americans face financial struggles and social injustice because of a difference in skin color or in which gender they are attracted to.

We, as Hillary supporters, realize the threat that the opposition candidate symbolizes, not only for Democrats or Republicans alike, but for the entire country, whose future depends on which candidate is elected to the leadership of the free world; whose future will be reduced to a broken, half-hearted shell of what formerly was known by all who lived within its once-secure borders as the greatest country in the world, ruined by a man completely lacking in morality, leadership, knowledge, and empathy who was thrust into power by an electorate that was polarized, manipulated, and grossly misinformed by his boldly outlandish and utterly untrue claims about America’s alleged fallen state — simply a blatant miscalculation, a sick fantasy, a ludicrous falsity, conjured up by fear of the absence of reason to hate a country that has, in a sense, lost its way, yet never ceased being the Land of Opportunity; never ceased being great.

We, as Hillary supporters, want to ensure the ideal of an America of, by, and for the people; of, by, and for the underprivileged, the minority communities, the strong women, the bright young minds, the intellectual groups, the masters of industry and manufacturing, the small business entrepreneurs, and all those in between, while continuing to have no tolerance for those who wish to subvert constitutional rights in order to push malevolent and unprecedentedly duplicitous agendas predicated — inadvertently or otherwise ­— on the reinstatement of regressive, conservative policies and politics.

We, as Hillary supporters, do not see another alternative to our current path; a path defined by historical achievements and monumental decisions and moving forward with inclusive, compassionate righteousness, from which we cannot turn our backs.

We, as Americans, hold the future of America in our hands, and to allow that future to slip through our fingers like course sand on Election Day, while a possibility, is unacceptable. It will not occur because our country — our promising country, our opportunistic country, our great country — is a country of integrity, of honor, and most importantly a country of hope. Hope in the promise of a better tomorrow; hope in new generations’ abilities to continue the legacy of greatness left behind by Americans of generations’ past; hope in the monumental ideals and moral foundations established by our Founding Fathers; hope that America will always stand tall.