Source: Times Magazine

On every social media website and every news station, there are videos of the USA Women’s Gymnastics team speaking out about Larry Nassar. For those of you who live under a shell and do not know about Larry Nassar, he was the Olympic doctor for the gymnastics team throughout the years. In his time being a doctor, he sexually assaulted 265 girls without anyone knowing about it, saying he was giving them “treatment.” Over the past couple of months, the girls whom he assaulted have been coming forward, giving their statements in court.

The powerful statements really struck the nation as Aly Raisman gave her statement on January 19, 2018. Though this assault could have destroyed her life, she was more put-together than anyone would have ever expected. She had the strength to tell her perpetrator what no one would have ever anticipated. During her statement, she looked Nassar in the eye and said, “Larry, you do realize now that we, this group of women you so heartlessly abused over such a long period of time, are now a force and you are nothing. The tables have turned, Larry. We are here. We have our voices, and we are not going anywhere. And now, Larry, it’s your turn to listen to me,” (Time). Without hesitation, she told Nassar he is now nothing to her, to the victims and to the world.

Just a couple days ago, the father of three daughters who were of Nassar’s many victims, ran towards Nassar in anger, wanting to harm him for what he had done. He asked the judge for five minutes in the room with “the demon.” Just shortly after the judge said no, that is when he tried to harm Nassar. While he was standing up for his daughters, “physical violence should not be the answer,” according to Angela Povilaits, Michigan’s Assistant Attorney General (New York Post).

As for the rest of the world, what we know is there have been 70 statements made to Nassar about his actions, with at least 50 more waiting on their time to show their demon how strong they are. The USA Women’s Gymnastics team is creating a trend for girls to speak out if something similar has happened to them. This immoral act is something that should never be shrugged off but rather investigated to the full potential. Larry Nassar is just one perpetrator of sexual assault in this world, and the girls who spoke out to him are creating a world where it will be safe to tell anyone who has harmed you—these girls are showing that they ARE strong without Nassar and they ARE better than him. There is nothing wrong with them, nothing they needed to be treated for, and most importantly, they are standing up for what they believe in: freedom.