Last time, director Jordan Peele gave audiences a horrifying tale in Get Out. And now, he’s done it again. Us, starring Black Panther stars Lupita Nyong’o and Winston Duke, is an amazingly epic thriller that audiences love not in its horror-like premise, but the creeptastic scenario and well-done humor. 

The film has done amazingly well at the box office, earning over $70 million in its opening weekend, beating out Captain Marvel in its third week. Peele has found a way to recreate the horror genre, but maybe hasn’t made it as horrifying as one may think. Despite the creepy presence of doppelgangers, the movie itself plays as more of a thriller than a horror. And it’s a good one.  

Nyong’o’s acting is especially potent here, and the rest of the cast does an impressive job in their performances. This is probably because the actors and actresses are in two different kinds of roles: The normal people and the doppelgangers. In spite of how one may see the actors in two different roles, it really does feel like you see the character on screen with their double, which amps up the creep factor and the scares.  

But is Us meant to be a thriller instead? There certainly are some horrifying scenes and imagery, but there are also a lot of laughs in this film. Winston Duke and the children provide most of the comedy, which always seems to be well timed. The big takeaway seems to be the film’s underlying theme, a class war.  

Without going into too many spoilers, the doppelgangers are considered lower class, while Nyong’o, Duke and the rest of the family are in the middle class, while we get to see high class characters as well. And the fight that our main characters go through is similar to a fight to succeed in life, to provide for their family and move up in the world. Jordan Peele once again shows that a film like his can also be entertaining and provide commentary to audiences.  

Us earns itself a 94% rating from me.