The United Nation’s has an issue on their hands in Haiti. The issue that the United Nations has to now deal with is a controversial peacekeeping army that is stationed in Haiti.The purpose as to why the peace keeping army is being called a controversial group is because of the following actions it has been accused of: “blamed for bringing cholera to the island nation for the first time….They were accused of sexually abusing locals” (NPR). However, the peace keeping force has been credited with the positive of providing stability in one of the most unstable and impoverished locations in the world.

Likewise, the peace keeping mission is close to being completed as “Sandra Honoré, the current head of U.N. mission to Haiti, told the U.N. Security Council that the peacekeeping mission had achieved its goals and should start to wind down” (NPR). Therefore, the Secretary General has announced that the peacekeeping operation close down operations in the next six months. In addition, to that the Secretary General has also voiced his intentions to initiate a smaller more concentrated peace keeping operation in the areas of policing and law enforcement.

Additionally, the initial beginning of the peace keeping operations in Haiti began in 2004 during a very turbulent period in Haiti as Haitian president Jean-Bertrand Aristide began to lose control over the Haitian population thus Haiti became a area of chaos and destruction. Some of the chaos and destruction taking place was that Aristide’s political opponents were taking up arms against him. Moreover, domestic unrest was also boiling over as there were skirmishes taking place throughout Haiti mainly in the city of Gonaives.

Furthermore, many scholars in the political science fields have voiced their take on the peacekeeping operation in Haiti stating that the operation was a mixture of positive outcomes and devastation. However, they have also been critical with the idea of total closure of the peacekeeping program. The reason behind the critiquing is that historically speaking Haiti has plummeted into political instability when ever the UN pulls out from Haiti.