Tuesday, April 10th the United Nations Security Council held a meeting to vote and discuss a resolution on Syria, which was drafted by the United States. However, Russia one of the five permanent members used its veto power. Likewise, this comes at a time when President Trump is considering a United States Military response to Syria. This comes as no surprise as recently Trump took to Twitter and announced, “nothing is off the table” in Syria and has vowed to respond forcefully. Furthermore, the international chemical weapons watchdog agency is also preparing to inspect Syria.  

Moreover, a white house official has made the announcement that President Trump has canceled his trip to Latin America to participate in the formulation of the United States response to this incident in Syria.  

Additionally, the United States’ United Nation’s resolution demanded that the U.S and any other security council that joins the US get access to the exact scene of the purported attack in Douma, Syria. Douma is a rebel-held plot of land in Syria’s capital of Damascus. Likewise, the resolution would “would also create a new investigative mechanism to look into chemical weapons attacks in Syria and determine who is responsible.” Moreover, US Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley made a clear and potent statement where she said that this incident ultimately takes away the option for Syria to make the decision as to whether it wants an investigation. Yet, Russia has previously blocked other resolutions that would make it legal for the UN to just begin an investigation of Syria.  

Likewise, Russia’s representative stated that Russia believes that the US simply is seeking an excuse to justify the increase in the use of force in Syria. In addition, recent attacks in Syria have allegedly amassed a whopping 42 deaths. Moreover, The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons stated that the Syrian Government and its ally Russia invited it to guide an investigation into the suspected chemical attacks. But it is also unclear how this proposed investigation may affect any United States military response.  

In addition to this Syria has also announced that Israel carried out a raid on one of its air bases on Monday in the pre-dawn period of the day. Last year the United States carried out the same exact action but on a different airfield, which the Syrian Government had to endure due to it being caught red-handed using chemical weapons on its own again.  

Scholars and officials believe that any US intervention would be of similar muscle. Yet, the only difference is that it may be expanded to a more wider area. Therefore, many are not surprised that Trump announced that his administration and his self would be considering all options and deciding the best decision for the United States.  

US ally France and its president Emmanuel Macron have announced their support for a joint response that carried weight to respond to these chemical weapons attacks, and the White House has also announced that UK Prime Minister Theresa May has also agreed that we must stop these attacks from occurring.