Trump’s Dangerous Economic Policies and Political Predicament


Recently, Trump and Clinton had a debate. About a month ago, Trump’s comments on Twitter were improper since people did not agree with his plan for rebuilding the U.S. In the Olympics, people were still proud of United States’ unique statues in the world instead of believing Trump’s theories about the future of the country. This was not the first time that sparked people wanting to argue with his performance. However, in terms of American society, we need to talk more.

In general, today’s problems are more unfavorable than one’s imagination. In a way, this caused Trump to claim that isolationism could save the United States. This odd theory was stated earliest in 19th century, but globally today, this was not only impossible, but dangerous. Some analysts said that this was another disaster. If Trump was determined to impose a high tax in the trade with China, this was in turn very harmful to the American economy. The U.S. faced a trade deficit especially since China had joined in WTO. Though heavy tax could temporarily preserve the opportunities of American workers by vanishing the import’s adverse effect based on China export’s loss, China will take the same measures to protect itself. In the world connected with each other today, Trump’s ideas were imaginative but not feasible. From other perspectives, there were still a lot of people who supported his views and his slogan, “America first”,  which does make some voters think that he could win. In the 200 years or more of United States history, the U.S. went through isolationism to defend itself, but after World War II, it rose to be the world’s strongest country. Now that the importance of globalization is indisputable, Trump still continues to ignore the trend.

There is no doubt that the American economy is at great risk, causing some people to vote for a bad candidate. On one hand, as stated above, with the urbanization of the country after the war, interest groups have crowded in and controlled the mainstream voice of people, which took advantage of the flaws in systems. On the other hand, the welfare system could be the culprit of the economics issues. After the 2008 world financial crisis, the U.S. unemployment rate remained at 10 percent or more, increasing the importance of worker’s rights, salaries, and opportunities to politicians.

Trump’s seemingly new theories became well known under the recession in the nations. Hillary Clinton’s policy is to be conservative but more realistic and the disadvantage to that is that Obama’s inadequate assistance to the poor upset many. In other words, fewer constituents show confidence in these two candidates any more. In reality, they all contain a great deal of uncertainty. For the most vital point, the U.S. needs a changeable leader.