President Trump will travel to Asia to visit five countries as well as make the United States’ presence known at two international summits. The issues that are sure to be discussed during his visit, which begins this Friday are issues on trade and the nuclearization issue of North Korea. The first of five destinations that Trump will be visiting in Japan. While at Japan Trump will be meeting with Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. Likewise, its noted that Trump has stated that he’d be willing to see the Japanese develop their own nuclear arsenal. Moreover, many have stated that the two are avid golfers, so it’s expected that both will enjoy a friendly game of golf.

The second destination that Trump plans to visit in South Korea where he will meet with the South Korean President Moon Jae-in as well as make a speech at the National Assembly. At the National Assembly, its believed that Trump will urge other countries to ramp up the pressure on the North Korean regime. Likewise, “President Trump will reiterate the plain fact that North Korea threatens not just our allies — South Korea and Japan — and the United States…North Korea is a threat to the entire world, so all nations of the world must do more to counter that threat” states National Security Advisor McMaster (NPR). In addition, Trump will also visit a newly expanded and renovated military base Camp Humphreys, which will soon house approximately 28,500 the United States military personnel. The base was paid by the South Korea mostly. Furthermore, while at South Korea Trump will not be visiting the demilitarized zone, which is rare as many of the former presidents have done so.

The third country that Trump will visit is China. While visiting China Trump will meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping. During this visit, Trump is said to be enforcing his desire that China exercises its economic grip on North Korea to hopefully halt the North Korean nuclear build up. Yet, its noted by Nat. Security Advisor McMaster that China has done more to combat the North but believes that they and other nations can do more to combat the ever-increasing North Korean threat. Furthermore, Trump is said to want to press China to have more balanced trade with the United States as he has continuously argued that the U.S has a trade deficit with China. Yet, Trump has acknowledged that he and his administration would look to China more positively if President Xi cooperates with the United States to combat the ever-growing threat with North Korea and its nuclearization program.

The final two countries that Trump will visit are the Philippines and Vietnam. When Trump visits Vietnam he will attend the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit. The summit brings together leaders from 21 pacific rimmed countries. Additionally, the expectation is that while at the summit Trump will discuss the important role that Asia has in the United States economy and the continued United States’ obligation to the unrestricted and open Indo-Pacific region. Furthermore, when Trump visits the Philippines he will attend yet another summit called the summit of Southeast Asian nations, and Trump plans to attend the subsequent summit called broader East Asia Summit.