All three heads of state signed the USMCA on November 30th in Buenos Aires, Mexico. However, after signing the deal there was a photo-op and both Trump and Mexico’s President Enrique Peña Nieto held their signed copies of the deal, but Canadian Prime Minister “Trudeau opted not to follow his peers in holding up his binder to celebrate — a sign, perhaps, of the lingering effects of the contentious process that was triggered when Trump imposed tariffs on Mexico and Canada earlier this year, which remain in place” states NPR. This however is not surprising due to Canadian officials stated that they felt celebrating the agreement and all was unnecessary due to the U.S. attempts to twist Canada’s arm with the tariffs that Trump had warned Trudeau about if Canada failed to incorporate themselves in the new trade pact, which will most likely replace the current trade pact NAFTA. Yet, both US President Trump and Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto felt differently about the celebration of the deal due to the symbolization of the deal as a triumph that aids in cementing both of their legacies. 

During the signing ceremony, President Trump was quoted to have said that “This has been a battle, and battles sometimes make great friendships”. Yet the deal itself only really had one significant alteration which was that within the automobile industry there is now a “higher requirements on North American content, and in particular high-wage content, for vehicles to trade duty-free” states NPR. However, the deal ultimately came from in many ways’ persuasion due to the tariffs on steel and aluminum products from both Canada and Mexico, which the Trump Administration had placed on them earlier in the month of October.   

During the remarks portion of the signing of the USMCA, Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau had stated, that the new agreement, which he calls the new NAFTA ultimately “lifts the risk of serious economic uncertainty that lingers throughout a trade renegotiation process — uncertainty that would have only gotten worse and more damaging if we had not reached a new NAFTA.” Mexican President then made his remarks on the deal stating that the deal is the first of its kind to integrate elements that address the social influence of international trade. Also, President Enrique Peña Nieto stated that the new trade pact USMCA ultimately includes topics that were not included in the original regional trade agreement between the three, which were protections for workers’ rights and the environment, and elements that pursue to spread the reimbursements of free trade. Furthermore, President Enrique Peña Nieto prior to the signing of the USMCA presented both Trump and Trudeau with Mexico’s highest honors for foreigners, which is the Aztec Eagle this bestowment surprised many.  

Moreover, the signing ceremony for the USMCA came on the backdrop of the G-20 Summit that is to be held on Nov 30, 2018 – Dec 1, 2018, to find a resolution to a trade dispute between America, Mexico, and Canada. Now all three agreements go to the three countries legislatures to be ratified and official.