By: Charles Ameen 

President Donald J. Trump delivered his State of the Union address Tuesday, February 5, 2019. During his speech, Trump spoke about many topics that are relevant in the United States today. President Trump began his speech by saying that his agenda was not one of the Democrats or the Republicans, but rather was one of the American People. President Trump implied that the purpose of this speech was not to take sides, but rather to inform the American people as a whole. Trump also took time during his speech to thank the veterans of World War II as 2019 marked the 75th anniversary of the allied invasion on D-Day. Also, 2019 marked the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 space mission where astronauts placed the American flag on the moon. As President Trump went through the speech, he stated: “In the 20th century, America saved freedom, transformed science, and redefined the middle-class standard of living for the entire world to see. Now, we must step boldly and bravely into the next chapter of this great American adventure, and we must create a new standard of living for the 21st century. An amazing quality of life for all of our citizens is within our reach.”. President Trump looked towards the future when he inferred that the 21st century will be the time where the United States moves forward towards a better life for the American people. President Trump referred to the political stalemates in the United States between the Democratic and Republican parties and how those stalemates have reduced the effectiveness of American politics. President Trump also talked about the United States’ economy as it comes to the creation of jobs and the decline of the unemployment rate in the United States. President Trump referred to the tax cuts implemented by his administration in relation to working families. Also, another cut implemented by President Trump’s administration came to business regulations to compel companies to return to the United States. The last aspect of the economy President Trump talked about in his speech was the United States production of oil and gas. He referred to the United States as a “net exporter of energy”. President Trump also discussed the new legislation to allow non-violent offenders to be given another chance at entering society through the First Step Act. The next major topic to be discussed by Trump was immigration along the southern border in the United States, which currently is a controversial topic in the United States. President Trump referred to the southern border immigration topic as a “moral issue”. President Trump also mentioned that the day of the State of the Union address marked the 100th anniversary of the reform that granted women the right to vote. President Trump referred to women in the economy when he mentioned that there are more women as part of the workforce now than ever before in America’s history. This brought Trump into discussion about American trade and the creation of the Reciprocal Trade Act. The act makes it where if a country places a tariff on an American product, the United States can place the same tariff on their product. President Trump also referred to infrastructure as it comes to medical issues that affect the American people, focusing on HIV and childhood cancer, and how these issues must be dealt with. Lastly, Trump’s speech brought up the idea of the country’s national security. Trump brought up his campaign for the presidency, where he originally discussed issue of terrorism and the United States’ intolerance. President Trump referred to the United States relations of peace with Russia and the current workings of a treaty with North Korea. President Trump closed his address by asking Congress to look towards the future and the opportunities that are and will be available for the United States. 

Trump brought up his campaign for the presidency, where he originally discussed issue of terrorism and the United States’ intolerance. President Trump  








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