The Trump Administration has officially imposed sanctions on the Islamic Republic of Iran. The sanctions were placed on Iran for the purpose to curb its nuclear and missile programs and contain its mounting impact in the Middle East. Yet, much of the imposed sanctions are ultimately the same ones that were originally lifted by the Iran nuclear deal that the Obama Administration championed. However, several economies have been exempted from the sanctions, which includes China, Japan, and India economies. These exemptions U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said are “temporary exemptions” that would ultimately “ensure a well-supplied oil market”.  

However, these countries that are part of the exemption list have already reduced their imports of Iranian oil and other petroleum products from Iran.  Due to the deadline that the United States’ set for Monday. Likewise, both “Japan and South Korea recently brought their imports of Iranian oil down to zero” according to the Center for Strategic and International Studies. China and India, however, have not shown much compliance with the United  States instructions, but the Center for Strategic and International Studies did make the claim that due to the threat of reimplementation of sanctions on Iranian oil and petroleum products there was a 32 percent dive in the Iranian exports as of September of 2018. Moreover,  U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that the money from these exemptions would be placed into a universal fund that would be primarily used for humanitarian use or for Iran to trade in non-sanctioned products. 

Yet, the Iranian President Hassan Rouhani celebrated the exemptions by making the statement “The fact that today, the United States exempts 8 countries for buying Iran’s oil, while it explicitly said that it will reduce Iran’s oil sale to zero, is a victory for us”.  

The sanctions that the United States reimpose on Iran, however, levied several supplementary sanctions on the Iranian economy that would hit other key aspects of it such as shipping and banking beside the oil and gas aspects. Therefore, the main goal for these sanctions that the United States have to reimpose on the Iranian economy is to deny the Iranian regime of revenues that it purportedly uses to spread violence around the world. Consequently, the main goal of the reimpose sanctions is to force Iran to behave like a normal country and halt its current activities that are well-documented that the US and many other Western countries deem to be criminal activities.  

Moreover, the Trump Administration has voiced its want to renegotiate the nuclear deal with Iran, but Iran’s leadership accused the United States of not upholding its end to the bargain, and with that, the Iranian President made the statement that when it does then Iran will be open to renegotiation. However, the Iranian President Hassan Rouhani also stated that “I don’t think any other administration…of the United States has been this much against the law and international treaties”.  

Furthermore, as the sanctions were reimposed national security adviser to Trump, John Bolton made the announcement that supplementary penalizing actions are in the works for the Islamic Republic of Iran.