Trump Administration Reconsiders American Nuclear Policy

Source: Alexander Zemlianichenko

Recently, the Trump Administration and Trump himself announced their intentions of pulling the United States out of a “Cold War-era nuclear arms treaty with Russia” and was confirmed by National Security Adviser John Bolton this week while he was in Moscow.   

The drive to pulling-out of the Cold Era policy with Russia is due to Russia’s defilements. The policy is the 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF Treaty). At its inception the agreement was viewed as a momentous signal of reconciliation between both global powers. Yet, the current belief within the Trump Administration is that Russia is taking advantage of the deal for its own subsidy. Likewise, Bolton stated that this was known prior to the Trump Administration that Russia was not playing by the rules set by the treaty. As he stated, “officials in the Obama administration had also alleged Russian violations of the pact dating back at least to 2013 — and had also been met with denials”.  

One of the reasons why Bolton was in Moscow, Russia was because he met with President Vladimir Putin to discuss the United States intentions of pulling out of the 1987 INF Treaty. Likewise, a Russian spokesman voiced the statement that Russia was against the move that the US had voiced. Equally, Dmitry Pskov, who is the Russian Press secretary, stated “Certainly, there are bottlenecks. But ruining the treaty in a situation where even hints at concluding a new one do not exist is something that we do not welcome”.  

Yet, its believed that this will be a topic of discussion in the forthcoming meeting between both Putin and Trump as Bolton stated that next month there is a plan for the two presidents to converge in dialogue at a meeting.  

Moreover, the issue with Russia and the 2016 Presidential election is still an issue that is ripe as the United States Congress and the Justice department have conducted several investigations, which are still ongoing and being led by special counsel Robert Mueller. Similarly, as important is that recently a Russian Accountant has been found to have been instigating data warfare to influence the upcoming midterm elections on behalf of the Kremlin. Therefore, this as well could be a key pusher for the proposal to pull out of the agreement with Russia because of it not playing by the rules of the game.  

Subsequently, however, Bolton acknowledged that the US and Russia have been discussing the election interference issues, but it has been asserted that Russia is still pleading not guilty to the crime of interference.   

The United States has not submitted its formal recognition of their intentions to remove themselves from the historic nuclear treaty. Thus, it is no surprise that Bolton has made it clear that this is just an intention of the United States due to not submitting a formal recognition to its a self-removal from the treaty. Furthermore, Bolton also conceded that the extrication of the US in the treaty is a much needed move for the International community to readjust itself from the Cold War period to now the Post-Cold War era.