By Bryant Student

On February 5th, 2017 the Patriots made the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history to win Super Bowl LI after being down 28-3 in the third quarter. This is what some will call the greatest sporting event known to man, and on February 7th, 2017, the Patriots brought home their fifth Lombardi trophy to the city of Boston. I’m going to be honest here, the conditions were horrible that day with wet, heavy snow falling down on all us Patriots fans. When the day first started out, the feeling in the crowd was electric. Boys running down the street with their jerseys on screaming Brady’s name, fans cheering as loud as they can, and everyone decked out in Patriots gear of all kind. Everyone was bouncing in excitement to see their heroes parade down the street.

However, as time passed by, and people stood in the cold with no sign of the Patriots, things started to quiet down. Now, we were just trying to stay warm and dry as best as we could, instead of chanting in excitement. Personally, I was standing at the very end of the parade, and that meant waiting a much longer time than most for the Patriots to reach us. The crowd around me was standing around waiting for at least two hours, and towards the end of our waiting time, not many people had a smile on their face. We were all cold and tired of standing around with no news of when the Patriots would be arriving. Right around when I was ready to give up, we heard it. We heard the crowd around the corner screaming as loud as they could, and not stopping, meaning the time had come.


It is so hard to describe what happened in that moment, but everything changed. Now, the anticipation and excitement was back. No one was thinking about how cold or wet they were, all we were wondering was if anybody could see them turn the corner yet. The crowd roared to life when the first confetti cannon shot off, and the Patriots arrived. From my vantage point, I was able to see Robert Kraft, Bill Belichick, Brady, Edelman, Gronk, Malcolm Butler and so many others. From within my section of the crowd, someone threw Gronk a beer, he caught it, opened it with his teeth, poured it over himself, and then spiked it on the ground. These are some of the memories that only come with being a part of Patriots Nation. The feeling was impalpable, and I was shown that Patriots fans will endure some of the worst conditions all to support their favorite team.

Once the parade was over, it was now time for the Patriots to stand on the balcony of city hall and give toasts in celebration. Robert Kraft spoke of how this time is one full of greats. He told fans we have the greatest coach, team, and quarterback which all led to the success of this season. Bill Belichick told us that the team has worked relentlessly to get to this moment, and led the crowd through a chant of “No days off!” Gronk told us that he was disappointed he couldn’t play on the field for this game, but promised us he’ll be front and center for the next one. Brady told us that this trophy was not only for the team, but it was also for us, the fans, in thanks of our unwavering support of all of them. Although the hours leading up to the parade and celebration were not in the least bit favorable, the parade was a special. The 2016-2017 Patriots season was truly one for the books.