Going abroad can be a totally new and challenging experience. Making the switch from Bryant to Europe was definitely something totally new, but very exciting! You lived in a place you may have dreamed of going to for years, and then it became your reality. From seeing monuments dating back centuries ago to, to tasting some of the world’s best food and wine, going abroad was a life changing experience. The classes you took were not usual ones you would have attended at Bryant, you might have been taking classes like “pairing food and wine” as many of us did in Florence, Italy. You will always remember that time you jumped off a cliff in Greece, went sky diving in Switzerland, and had a Lizzie McGuire moment at the Trevi Fountain. Your Instagram will never be as cool, but looking back at the pictures will always make you smile. What some people don’t think about is the adjustment time it takes when coming home.

After traveling almost every weekend and meeting new people at every new place, coming back to Bryant could actually be more challenging than it was leaving. Coming home during the holidays is great because of the festivities, and seeing family members and friends that you missed while away. However once the holidays end, and the reality sets in that you are now back to your normal life in the States, things could get tough. You may start to reminisce and think about all the places you’ve been, and all the things you did while abroad. Looking at pictures can be a way to try to relive some of the experiences, but it can also make you nostalgic. Some even start to plan a way to make it back someday.

When it’s time to return to Bryant, you are excited to see your friends, and get back into the way of life at Bryant. Once back you can begin to realize some of the major differences between your everyday life at Bryant and the life you were living overseas. The classes you are taking a harder, you have classes five days a week instead of four or maybe even only three. The drinking age is now 21 again, and if you are not of age yet this can definitely be annoying to have to adjust back to. You are going to Rentes or parties at the townhouses on the weekend instead of traveling to a new country. One of the things you could miss the most is walking around the beautiful city you were living in between classes, and not just the small Bryant Campus.

Eventually though you will realize all the things you missed about Bryant while you were away. Having all your friends living only a few feet away, and also having all your classes are only a short walk away is a plus. If you were living in an apartment you may actually enjoy Salmo for its convenience than you ever have before. You will accept that going abroad changed you as a person, and you can use the experiences and things you learned into creating an exciting future. You may now realize aspects about yourself, and things you want to accomplish in life that you never thought about before. You also know now that traveling really is not that hard, and someday you will travel again whether it is for business or pleasure.