Focus (feat. L Marshall) by Life of Dillon

Life of Dillon has caught my eye a few times in the past, but I haven’t kept up with them. ‘Focus’ might just be the song that changes my mind. They lay extremely relaxing guitar chords over a slow-tempo drum line that sounds incredible. While the drums are slow, the kick still packs a punch, and it will definitely get you nodding your head. With such a solid foundation, vocals are often neglected, but not on this song. Their singer has some incredible pipes, and this song is the perfect demonstration of his vocal ability. Throw this on while you’re driving, doing work, or just hanging out. It’s such a calm, relaxing song, so I highly recommend you give it a listen.

Wicked (feat. G-Eazy) by Mansionz

Mansionz, the collaboration between Blackbear and Mike Posner, just released their first album together, and damn, it’s a strong debut. They’re both fantastic vocalists, and their production talents are out of this world. In ‘Wicked,’ they use retro synth leads and a fat bass synth that is reminiscent of an 80s jam, and I couldn’t be more into it. They’re bringing funk back and blending it with modern R&B and rap in an unexpected, yet perfect, combination. On top of all that, G-Eazy is featured, and he absolutely crushes his verse. This song is just all around incredible, and it is bound to get you moving. Check it out, and listen to their self-titled album, Mansionz.

Everybody by Logic

This song is hot. There’s no other way to say it. Logic absolutely murders this one, using a heavy beat and incredible wordplay that is characteristic of his music. It’s a great song that is guaranteed to get you pumped up, so this would make a great pregame song, whether it is for athletics or a party. This is the first single preceding his new album, Africaryan, which he just dropped as a teaser of the other day. If the rest of the album is anywhere close to as good as ‘Everybody,’ we’re in for something special. The release date is set for May 5, so there’s still a little ways to go, but in the meantime, throw ‘Everybody’ on and prepare yourself for what’s to come.

No Promises (feat. Demi Lovato) by Cheat Codes

This was honestly an unexpected combination, and I was caught a little off guard when I first saw it. With that being said, this song is a banger. Demi’s voice is beautiful, and Cheat Codes cleans up on the chorus. It is definitely a very poppy song, but who doesn’t love a little pop. If you have heard any of Cheat Codes other stuff, it is a pretty similar style. It seems like they’ve found the formula for success, and they’re sticking to it. I can’t blame them. If I made a hit song that gained as much popularity as theirs did, I’d probably just end up making the same stuff, too. It’s clearly worked for them, as they are now working with massive stars like Demi Lovato. If that happens, you’re doing something right. As the weather is starting to improve, be ready to hear this song at every tailgate. This song is bound to blow up, and this is the perfect environment to play it.

Conscience (feat. Future) by Kodak Black

I’m not the biggest rap fan, so this is a song you won’t find me choosing often, but Kodak absolutely tore this song apart. I hear that his entire album is very good, but I’m not sure I have it in me to listen to the whole thing. This song just happened to come on my Spotify, and I was hooked. Future also crushes his part, but honestly, who didn’t expect that from Future. I 100% guarantee you will hear this song at parties, and I have a feeling that this is going to turn into a hit in a similar fashion to ‘iSpy’– a viral hit that takes over the speakers at every party you go to.

Pells’ Picks:

Ain’t No Man by The Avett Brothers

Ice Melts (feat. Young Thug) by Drake

Lamborghini Tears by Marc Goone

Rock Stone (feat. Capleton and Sizzla) by Stephen Marley

Locked Up by Akon