With You (feat. Fetty Wap) by KDL

Fetty Wap is definitely stepping outside of his usual genre on this song. Yet, with that being said, he brings the classic Fetty vocals that have skyrocketed him to the top of music charts around the world. KDL takes Fetty’s one-of-a-kind vocals and puts it over a trap-style beat, complete with up tempo high hats and sharp snares. At the same time, they give the song a laid back feel that’s perfect to chill to. For now this song is available exclusively on Spotify.

home (feat. johnny yukon) by gnash

I have been very impressed with gnash recently. He rose to fame with his song ‘i hate you, i love you’ featuring Olivia O’brien and followed that up with another strong release called ‘something’. His newest song, ‘home’, is about the importance of family and keeping your loved ones close. Featured artist Johnny Yukon provides a smooth vocal that accompanies a pleasant piano chord progression during the chorus, leaving the verses to gnash. Verses with catchy drum lines and piano melodies coupled with the melancholic choruses create a song that’s perfect to have on in the background while you and your roommates are just hanging out in the common room.

Friends by Empire of the Sun

This new Empire of the Sun song is absolutely amazing. It’s off of their new album, ‘Two Vines’, and it’s probably my favorite song from the whole album. Driving synth lines and a moving drum beat are bound to get your head nodding at the very least. On top of that, Empire of the Sun layers their unique vocals that perfectly round out the song. Throw this on in the gym or the pregame. It will get you fired up.

Static by CAZZETTE

Swedish duo Cazzette has been a long term staple in the dance music industry. The first Cazzette song I can remember is ‘Beam Me Up’. It was a progressive house hit back in the infantile days of EDM. They then fell off the radar, releasing small songs that were disappointingly average. The next major release they had was ‘Sleepless’ over a year later, and it is still one of my favorite songs to date. Following that song, they once again went on a run of mediocrity, but with their latest release, ‘Static’, I think they have another hit on their hands. The piano chords that start the song set the tone, and everything that follows lives up to that. I love the electric organ melody they have in the drop, and pair that with a smoky set of vocals (provided by an unknown artist), you get a match made in heaven.

Show You the Light (feat. Efraim Leo) by MARC

Maybe one of my favorite songs on the list, this is the first record I have heard from the artist Marc. After doing a bit of research, I found out that he too is a Swedish producer who teamed up with 19 year old Efraim Leo for the vocals. A powerful debut for both newcomers, Marc’s high quality, balanced production is the perfect complement to Leo’s vocals. With this song, Marc proves he can hang with the best, and I expect more hits to come.