Tips to Succeed in Running a Marathon

Source: Business Insider

By Alexis Hoffey

This past Monday, April 16th, the city of Boston Massachusetts had one of its most important events of the year: The Boston Marathon. The marathon consists of almost a hundred thousand people from all over the world coming together for this sport. Sports play a valuable role in our culture as a whole, regardless of if you are playing them or watching them. The lessoned to be learned from The Boston Marathon has always been “Life’s a marathon not a sprint” but how can a marathon relate to life. Out of all the thousands of people that ran by that day, some stopped and talked but many just ran by to continue their own race. But by the end of the day I had a pretty good understanding of how to finish a marathon. First, if you want to finish a marathon, you can’t turn around. You can’t worry about what happened back at mile 12 or stop when you dropped that protein packet you think you need. All you can do now is focus on the mile you on now and the ones in front of you. In life so many people dwell on what happened in the past that they can’t enjoy where they are now. So leave the hate, worry and guilt at mile 12 and focus on getting to mile 26.2. If you want to finish a marathon, accept help. At the Boston Marathon I signed up to pass out water cups at the halfway point. If you have been to the marathon water stations are set up at each mile to keep ever runner hydrated so that they can finish the marathon. At the end of the day the medical tent said that the only people treated all day were because of dehydration. Over 2 thousand people volunteered that day to make sure that didn’t happen. Some runners just didn’t take the water. So there will be people in your life that sign up to help you, so just accept the water cups that you are given. Next, if you want to finish a marathon, you can’t worry the other runners. If your too caught up in the other runner passing you or about what they are doing, then you won’t be able to focus on you own race. During your life there will be people that will pass you and maybe get an internship you wanted or get promoted before you. But instead use it to make you work harder and run that next mile a little harder. Run your own race your own way without trying to be like the other runners. And finally if you want to win a marathon, Pace yourself. There are 26.2 miles in a marathon and everyone counts. Each one will get progressively harder and bring new challenges. But remember it’s not a sprint. So to finish your marathon: don’t turn around, accept the water cups, don’t worry about the other runners, and pace yourself. Remember that life’s a marathon not a sprint.