By Ross Weiner

Imagine this, it is your day to get an upgrade from the IPhone 4s to the IPhone X. You are so excited your entire way to the Apple store, but when you get there the line is packed with people blocks away from the door. This is a feeling that majority of people know all too well with Apple products. Apple has gained such a high numbered fan base that people are willing to spend all night and day waiting in a line to get the same phone with a slightly better camera. The way Apple captivates people and convinces them to spend hundreds to thousands of dollars on their products is genius.

Apple, which was created by Steve Jobs can be seen anywhere. Everywhere you go, you see IPhones, every student has a MacBook or an Apple Watch. The business strategy that Apple has is outstanding. The strategy that Apple uses in order to keep their sales so high, is extremely simple. Apple will wait for their competition to come out with the “next big thing” and tweak their phones to make them seem much better than they actually are. The IPhone X is a perfect example of this. The IPhone X is the exact same phone as the 8 but it is able to play live photos, has a “much better” camera as the rest of them allowing pictures to come out more clear, and does not have a home button. However, this phone is over a thousand dollars to purchase. The plan for the IPhone X to come out was launched right after the Google Pixel came out with unlimited storage and has all the same perks as the IPhone 8. Apple wants to be on top at all times and will portray anything society wants to stay that way.

The IPhone X and the IPhone 8 just recently came out around the holidays and are being sold at extremely high rates. With Apple being such a high desired product especially for those living in the younger generation, selling new phones during the holidays is genius. Many parents are willing to do anything in order to give their kids everything they want for the holidays. According to Forbes, As of November 17, there were currently 17.5 million 8’s, 23.4 million 8 plus’s and 20.7 million X’s sold which totals at an impressive 61.3 million. Apple feeds off the desires of people. Not only is Apple claiming to be the best phone and products for everyday lives, but they are the best for employees as well. According to reputed analyst, Ming Chi-Kuo reports that production for the X is set to increase by 45%, meanwhile, the production of 8 and 8 plus will drop by 60% in the first quarter of 2018.

This past quarter (Q3), overall apple had a very successful one, against its main competitor Samsung, by posting a 46.7 million iPhones sold worldwide a quarterly revenue of $52.6 billion. Also, Apple posted a 30.4% market share compared to Samsung’s 25.1 respectively. Apple is expected to see a record breaking Q1 of 2018 with a projected revenue between $84 and $87 billion according to tech website 9TO5Mac.

Apple claims that their products are made for the way we work as well as for our everyday lives. Their motto is to: help the employees collaborate in innovative ways, and giving teams a new platform in developing their ideas and to expand businesses’ capabilities.

Apple has a business plan that has absolutely taken over the world. They have an incredible customer brand loyalty and target an audience that will be willing to do anything in order to have their products. They are targeting people who believe in their motto of wanting to change innovation and believe that Apple is the only product that fits their everyday lives. Apple is the ultimate business.