After the Trump administration had ordered the missile strikes on a Syrian air base, which was allegedly the area where the chemical weapons were launched from, the global community’s responses to the unilateral response began to pile up.

Russia, a staunch supporter of the Assad regime, did not take kindly to the unilateral action. Likewise, as a response to the action, Russia has “swiftly condemned the U.S. strike as ‘an act of aggression against a sovereign state delivered in violation of international law under a far-fetched pretext’” (NPR). Russia has also stated it will suspend the “deconfliction channel” which is created to avert any conflict between the United States in Syria. Because of the unilateral response taken by the United States, the United Nation’s security council must convene for an emergency meeting this Friday.

Turkey’s response to the Trump Administration’s’ actions were positive as the Turkish defense minister stated that Turkey finds that the United States’ actions were very significant in that it demonstrated the promises being kept by the Trump Administration. Likewise, the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was present at a rally on Friday in Turkey and stated the following: “We find this [operation] positive as a step against the al-Assad regime’s war crimes committed with chemical and conventional weapons”. However, Iran’s response to the United States’ actions was not positive because the Iranian foreign minister stated the following: “unilateral action is dangerous, destructive and violates the principles of international law” according to the New York Times. However, this is because like Russia, Iran is an ally of the Assad regime.

Two of the United States allies, Germany and France, responded in a joint statement in full support of the unilateral action taken by the United States. Likewise, the United Kingdom also verified their full fledged support of the strikes by the United States in Syria. Another United States ally, Japan, informed their people, as well as the globe, that the Japanese Government fully supports and praises the United States’ response to the Syrian chemical weapons incident.