Recently, the United Nations Security council met with each other for an emergency meeting on the recent illicit actions by North Korea. The Council unanimously voted in favor on a new collection of sanctions on North Korea for its recent illegal action. The action was their recent test of a “hydrogen bomb”, which caused a massive earthquake like tremor in North Korea. However, the new set of sanctions are a lighter punishment then the original proposal put forward by the United States due to the compromise the Trump Administration agreed to with the Russians and Chinese.

The new sanctions package has set a cap on crude and refined fossil fuels to North Korea. That being 8.5 million barrels per year cap, which is said to be a 30% reduction according to the United States officials that know of the deal. Furthermore, the vending of “natural gas will be prohibited and refined petroleum sales will be capped at 2 million barrels annually” (NPR). In addition to the caps on oil, petroleum, and natural gas the sanctions have also placed a cap on North Korean textile exports, which have been estimated to have been worth in the millions of dollars for the past three consecutive years. Moreover, the sanctions have also proscribed the provision of work permits to any North Korean citizen around the globe. The reason why permits will be stopped is because the program has inadvertently aided in providing roughly a half of a billion dollars to the North Korean regime, which many believe gas been funneled into its nuclear program.

These compromised sanctions have fallen short of what the United States originally hoped for in the original package it offered to the security council. The original proposal that the United States offered was in response to the most recent action which was that of “the Pyongyang regime detonat[ing] its sixth and most powerful nuclear device last week” (NPR). Additionally, the United States’ United Nations’ Ambassador Nikki Haley

commanded the suspension of oil and the automatic stoppage of assets of the North Korean Leader. However, due to both Russia and China holding veto power that demand went south thus the compromised package ended up being the winner.

China’s main reason for forcing the assuagement of the sanctions package on North Korea was because it does not want to endorse any package that could destabilize the North Korean regime resulting in massive migrations of North Korean refugees into its land. Furthermore, Russia’s reasoning for wanting the lessening of the total sanctions package is that its retaliating to its own sanctions package imposed by the United States and European Union due to its annexation of Crimea and its military actions in the Ukraine.

In conclusion, after much deliberation and compromise the sanctions package passed with a 15-0 vote in favor of it be the UN Security council. Thus, making Nikki Haley state that the package was “by far the strongest measures ever imposed on North Korea” (NPR).