World of Our Love by Client Liaison

Get ready to take a trip back to the ‘80s with this one. Client Liaison creates a groovy track that is impossible not to dance to. From funky bass lines to classic synths, it is impossible not to draw a parallel between this song and songs that were played at the disco decades ago. Highly recommend this song for any occasion, just make sure you’re ready to dance when you press play because it’s inevitable.

Congratulations (feat. Quavo) by Post Malone

Post Malone has been putting out hits recently. His last release, ‘Déjà vu’, which featured Justin Bieber, was a smooth song perfect for setting the mood. While ‘Congratulations’ sets a slightly different vibe, it is definitely going to reach the same level of popularity as ‘Déjà vu’. With heavy bass and long, ambient synths under Post Malone’s crooning voice, this song is hard not to like. If you are a fan of Post Malone’s older work, you will not be disappointed with this release. Quavo provides an excellent supporting verse that is a great contrast to Post’s vocal style. Check this one out. It’s great to play at the pregame or when you’re just hanging out with friends.

Ritual (feat. Wrabel) by Marshmello

Marshemello is on a roll. The anonymous DJ and producer, who disguises his identity by wearing a marshmallow mask at his shows, has been all over the dance music scene, releasing hits like ‘Alone’ and ‘Keep it Mello’. There is a certain intrigue factor brought by the anonymity that definitely helped Marshmello gain popularity, but once he made it to the limelight, he has not disappointed. Each record gets better and better, and it seems like he will only continue to succeed in the future. I have had ‘Ritual’ on repeat for the past few days. Wrabel has an unreal voice that goes perfectly with the production. The staccato baseline that is present throughout the song does a great job of keeping things moving and provides a little bounce to the song. During the drop, Marshmello wrote a flawless melody that is a great complement to Wrabel’s vocals. Good for partying or working out, ‘Ritual’ should definitely be on your playlist this week.

Used to This (feat. Drake) by Future

The partnership between Drake and Future continues, and once again it does not let us down. I don’t think it’s possible for the duo to release a bad song. While I think Future’s vocals are auto-tuned a little too heavily, it is a characteristic that is common in most of his songs. It is part of his vocal identity, so it is easy to get passed. Drake kills his verse, combining melodic singing with rap flawlessly. To bring it all together, the production is superb. A strong percussion track and catchy piano melody provide great support for the two superstars’ singing. You will definitely hear this song everywhere. Whether it is down at the townhouses or blaring from a suite’s window, we’ve got another hit from Drake and Future.

This Town (Tiesto Remix) by Niall Horan

Working from a strong original track, Tiesto takes Niall Horan’s ‘This Town’ and gives it a little EDM makeover. I’m a fan of the original song, but it is better suited for a rainy day. With Tiesto’s touch, the slow ballad becomes an upbeat song that is hard not to tap your foot to. He does a great job of maintaining the essence and sound of the original song while adding his own elements. It is easy for an artist to go a little overboard when remixing a song, which often leads to a record that sounds nothing like the original. In my opinion, that isn’t really a remix rather than an original that incorporates existing vocals. Tiesto avoids doing this and gives us an excellent remix complete with catchy drums and a soft drop. Not sure how this song would do at a party, but it’s great to listen to while studying or killing time.