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For nearly a year and a half, America has begrudgingly put up with The Donald, this candidate of duplicity, xenophobia, and overt malignance. Republican voters have bitten the bullet on his radical stances on Muslims and Mexicans, his idea that America is one mass shooting away from total, unadulterated anarchy, his uncanny ability to say the wrong thing at all times, and his preposterous egotism. However, the GOP may now have an out from the now confirmed sexual predator they have, by some inexplicable means, allowed to sit at the top of their ticket.


        Indeed, it could very well be all over for The Donald and his army of Trumpist brown-shirts. Why, you may ask? Well, a tape was released; a recording of The Donald speaking to Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush about his unbridled ability to sexually harass women with no repercussions, and even the potential for him to sexually assault them because he’s “a star.”

        As America indulged in a collective gasp and sigh of relief (in rapid succession), we remember that these comments — though absolutely shocking, disqualifying, disgusting, and ludicrous — are totally expected. In 1992, after his first of two divorces was settled, The Donald’s then ex-wife, Ivana, accused him of raping her on multiple occasions throughout their marriage. In 1996, in an interview with Barbara Walters, The Donald stated how he would get angry at his spouse if dinner was not ready for him upon his arrival home from “work”, or as any other businessman would call it: running three casinos into the ground. In that same interview he also stated very plainly that married women should not work because their primary purpose is to cater to their spouse; a statement that is utter blasphemy and has been such ever since the late 1960s. And now this one-sided conversation has been joyously uncovered, between the patron saint, Billy Bush, and To Catch a Predator’s favorite celebrity billionaire, The Donald, from 2005 about how inconsequential it is for him to despicably advance on married women like a dog in heat.

        And while there are those whose Trump trance has finally been broken, there are still people who are following him blindly into the abyss of his words; soundbite after horrendous soundbite, tweet after incredulous tweet. Most remarkably, CNN Commentator, Trump surrogate, and noted female Scottie Nell Hughes broke the embarrassed silence of all The Donald’s supporters by being the first human being on Planet Earth to publicly state that the comments made by the GOP presidential nominee were not enough to lose her support, as if being personally assaulted by this sad, orange shell of a man would only go so far as to put her on the fence. Luckily, there are Republican leaders out there who can finally admit that their candidate is the personification of a misogynistic dumpster fire, like Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, senior United States Senator Mike Crapo, and Governor Gary Herbert of Utah, all of whom have disavowed The Donald following the tape’s release.

        If there was ever a chance for America to save time and slap Hillary’s left hand on that Bible in front of the Capitol Building, it would be now. But as the quasi-democratic country that America is, we still have to wait until November to finally get this interparty knife-fight of an election cycle over with. The Donald’s poll numbers are faltering (even before the release of this venomously fortunate tape), Hillary has gained significant ground in key swing states, and the possibility of a new country made of, by, and for the Basket of Deplorables has finally flown too close to the sun. And while that flight may result in a beautifully orange tan and the copping of a few unsolicited feels, what it doesn’t result in is the winning of the highest office in the land.

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Christopher Groneng is the former Editor-in-Chief of The Archway, serving during the 2018-2019 Academic Year. He studied Politics & Law. He also served as the Ranking Member of Bryant's Student Government and a commissioner on Ways and Means, as well as a member of the Bryant University Mock Trial Team. His primary work for the paper included overseeing all creative and operative processes of the paper and writing editorial pieces on topics such as politics, pop culture, and men's fashion. Before leading the paper, he served in various roles including as News Editor, Opinion Editor, and Business Editor. He now works in writing and communications in Washington, DC.