The Start of Something New: House of Wale

Bryant Student Releases Watch Brand


For those of you who don’t know, the energetic Samuel Omowale Aduayi, also known as Wale, recently publicized the release of his new watch brand “House of Wale”.  Wale, who was born in Nigeria and grew up in Brockton, Massachusetts is a passionate Accounting major and Legal Studies minor junior who has a love for fashion and watches.

The idea came to him at the end of the summer, when he was researching Gabrielle Union, who created the Invicta watch brand. He knew right then he wanted to start his own business.  After brainstorming and developing his idea extensively, he released a small announcement on his social media, which garnered a great deal of attention and publicity. His social media receives hundreds of likes and views, and he wanted to capitalize on the opportunity. Social media is extremely important, along with brand recognition, both of which Wale values.

The way “House of Wale” began was with a style blog. He always had inklings to start his own brand, and he fell in love with the idea of creating something that was very much his own. He also saw this as an opportunity to expand his world and to generate income.  

Social media is a way to make money and expand a product. Wale decided on watches also because a mutual friend, who also considered making watches. As a man of fashion, Wale felt watches were important for men’s fashion, as they add extra detail that can make an outfit.

The process has been incredibly fast-paced, and he is thankful for the fact that his quick dream became a reality. He wanted to thank god, his mother and late grandmother, his cousin, and mentor Kevin Martins.

House of Wale involved a lot of research and development. He developed a target market in Bryant students, and the goal was to make a watch for everyone; one that it was stylish, but affordable. Wale learned a lot from Bryant and gratefully applied these lessons to his business. Wale was quick to mention that starting a business is rewarding and fun, yet very difficult, but anything can happen if you put in the necessary effort.

The first official watch will be released on November 14th. Follow @houseofwale for special announcements and additional information.