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By Emily Keyes

When you first think about college, one major thought that pops into your head most likely has to do with living on campus. We’ve all seen the movies and heard the stories, and know that it can be one of the best times of your life. But to some, these thoughts didn’t cross their minds. This is because they’ve chosen the road less traveled (literally) and decided to commute. Commuters are often overlooked or seen as completely different students, and I, for one can relate to this.

Many say that commuting does not give you the full college experience. Does this make it a bad choice? No! There are many different pros and cons to commuting to college, and I’m going to list three of each in this article.

Well, let’s start with a pro. One positive side of commuting to college is definitely about the money. By living at home and driving occasionally for classes, I am only paying for gas and classes. This will never end up being close to the price of room and board at Bryant.

On the flip side, a con of commuting would be feeling a lack of connection to the school and those in it. When you commute, you drive there for classes and occasional group projects, and that’s about it. Sometimes commuting means missing out on big events and having a harder time with friendships.

When living on campus, you are given a dorm, usually with a roommate. This means sharing a room and sometimes the things inside it. Therefore, another pro of commuting would be staying in your own bedroom, with maybe an even a bigger bed than the ones at school. I do not have to worry about sharing my room, or getting along with another person inside it.

However, my commute is about twenty minutes to Bryant. I do not have the luxury of rolling out of bed five minutes before class. With this being said, a con of commuting would have to be about wasted time. When thinking about setting my alarm for the morning, I have to consider getting ready, drive time and traffic.

Bryant has a couple of different food options on campus other than Salmonson dining hall. But at home, I have endless. Having good food is definitely a pro for me while commuting. Sometimes there’s nothing better than a home cooked meal, or eating at your favorite local restaurant.

Commuting to school comes with one more con: living with your parents. Don’t get me wrong, I love my family and how close we are. College though, is a time for freedom. While I’m at home

with my parents questioning my every move, my friends get to make their own decisions and explore what they couldn’t before.

Overall, I do like commuting to school and being a part of the small amount of students that do. Although it can be tough, and there are more cons that I could list, I try to stay positive and take it one day at a time. Who knows, by senior year I could decide to live in one of those awesome townhouses!