Michael Tareteta 

Manny Machado, a professional third baseman, has recently signed a new contract with the San Francisco Padres. He signed a 10 year, 300-million-dollar deal with the Padres, making him one of the highest paid athletes in baseball. However, is this really a good sign for the Padres, after coming off a season with a poor 77-89 record? 

Manny Machado is a Dominican baseball player from the Florida, who is currently 26 years old. He has been impressing people with his baseball talent since he was young, being drafted in 2010 into the minor league. At this point in his life, Machado was only 18, and only two years later would be starting in the major league baseball for the Baltimore Orioles. In his professional career, he has had a batting average of .282, 175 homeruns, and 513 runs batted in. In his 8 seasons of baseball Machado has made a case as a talented baseball player with 4 all-star appearances, and two golden gloves on his resume.  

With this being taken into consideration, why will Machado be a helpful addition for the Padres? He is an upgrade to this position, from the previous third baseman, who only hit for a .231 batting average. Machado is also a seasoned veteran at this point in his career, returning for his ninth year of baseball. This, combined with his above average play, can make him a leader for this team who is in desperate need of one. The Padres also locked Machado in with a long, 10-year deal. This means that he can’t opt out of this deal until the fifth year in this deal. This is important because Machado will not be able to leave after only a few years. This also gives the Padres the chance to start the rebuild their team, allowing for prospects to come up at this time from the Padre’s strong farm teams. The Padres are hoping that this will give the team playoff contention within the next several years. This gives Machado the opportunity to become a franchise player for the padres as well.  

However, Machado has had his downsides along with the strengths which can damage the Padres. Machado has been known to be a dirty player. He has been seen making dirty plays during games, such as deliberately stepping on Jesus Aguilar’s foot during game four of the National League Championship series. This harmful play has not been the only instance of something like this from Machado in his career. Dirty play reflects poorly, not only on him, but also on the franchise as a whole. Instances like this also create rivalries and hate between these teams and players. Machado has also been one to not hustle on all plays. Machado demonstrated this during the World Series, after hitting a ground ball, he did not hustle to the base. This reflects poorly on Machado and again makes him look like a not-caring athlete. Machado has also been known to create problems with teammates. This happened to him while on the Orioles in his 2018 season.  

Machado is a gifted baseball player who has proved himself, but also has had controversy in his past. He could be the talented spark that the Padres need to propel themselves into the postseason. However, he can also be a pricey setback of 300 million dollars for the Padres by creating problems. The seasons to come will be where Machado can prove himself as a worthy sign for the Padres.