The way in which we choose to use the time we have in this life is the one freedom we have complete control of. Wherever we were one month, one year, or ten years ago is a result of everything we once did leading up to that particular moment. Wherever we are at this exact point in time is a result of all the choices we have made in the past. Where we will be in a month, a year, or a century will have been a result of everything we choose to do from this moment forward and from all the decisions of the past. There is an infinitude of paths we can take in this life, some of which are clouded to us, some of which are blind to us, and some of which are blatantly clear to us. What undeniably remains clear is that our time is limited. Perhaps one day we will evolve as a species to be able to live indefinitely. But for now, we can only dream of such an idea.  

We all have goals in life and feats we wish so longingly to reach. Whatever those may be are subjective in every possible way. No two people aspire for the exact same thing. No two people will be at the same level the day before passing on to the afterlife. No two people will walk the same road and look at their past in the same light.  

We wake up every single day and, if we have discovered the secrets of the world, we will begin and end each day the same way. It is called routine. We live, breathe and evolve around routines. They help us to alleviate stress, improve our mind and body health, and better follow through with the things we need and want to get done on a daily basis.  

All the time in the world is ours. Saying “I have no free time” is wrong. Every second of life is “free” time. All of it is ours and ours alone. We simply choose to use it in a specific manner that makes it seem like we are so boggled down with work, class, and sports. We live for 80, 90, or 100 years. We must not let that fool us. Time goes by faster than we realize. Some choose to further their education because there is a believe that it will aid in acquiring more knowledge, which is the foundation of life. Knowledge is in books. It always has been, always is, and always will be. Some people choose to sit around on their phone and disregard themselves entirely from the situations at hand. Some people choose to travel the world and discover everything it has to offer. No matter what the case may be, we do choose what we do in life. There are 24 hours to every day. We choose to either be productive or lounge around and merely dream of being productive. The clock never stops ticking. While some choose to use technologies, read books, and watch movies, others are creating the latest technologies, writing the new bestsellers, and filming movies. We must ask ourselves whether we wish to be the nails of this world or the hammers?  

As stated earlier, our time is currently limited. We cannot expect to achieve our aspirations if we defer them till tomorrow. When we tell ourselves “I have no time for that,” we are really telling ourselves I do not want to do this right now. If we defer our ambitions, we waste precious time we will never have again tomorrow. Time, in a way, is equivalent to money. The more we spend of it, the less we have. On the other hand, the difference between time and money is that money can be earned, time cannot. We cannot “gain” additional time since everything that has happened is not to come again and restore itself. The twenty, forty, or seventy years we have lived thus far will never be given back to us. The time in the future is not “gained” since it is already set to exist. The thief of time is procrastination. It is the biggest force acting against productivity, creativity, and innovation of all kinds. Overpopulation will not be solved by waiting till tomorrow. Pollution cannot be reversed if we put it off till tomorrow. Political agendas will continue to ensue so long as we remain quiet about them.  

What does this all mean? We must not delay our ambitions any further than right now. The best way to achieve said ambitions is to first see them and dream them. We must then believe they can be attained. We must tell the world they will one day be true. We must plan for them to come true. We must devote time to them, so they will become reality. And once we have attained one dream, we must move on to the next one. We must never settle in life. 

We must think about what matters most to us. We must then figure out the best way to get what we want. A second wasted is a second lost and forgotten. We must ask ourselves how we can leave this world in a better state than how we found it? We must ask ourselves what kind of legacy we wish to leave behind. Because as great life is and as much as some of us may wish to live forever, it just is not the case in 2018. Who knows, though, perhaps we will be the ones to change that.  

If we believe we fear the unknown, well here is the best advice we can get: our minds cannot understand the future because it does not yet exist. We must focus on the present to prepare for the future. We must look to the past; we must look to the present—we will prepare for the future in this way.