By Gabe Van Ness

On Friday November 4th Doctor Strange became the newest film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Marvel added to its collection of superhero movies with the introduction of Stephen Strange portrayed by Benedict Cumberbatch. Doctor Strange is definitely worth seeing if you are a frequent marvel fan, or not.

Doctor Strange follows the formula of so many Marvel character introduction films. It takes a character without any power, puts them in a desperate situation, and the character gains a power to get out of his or her situation. Stephen Strange starts as an accomplished neurosurgeon that is at the lead of cutting edge medicine. He gets into a devastating car accident which destroys the nerves in his hands. This results in him not being able to be a surgeon anymore. He goes on a journey to recover his nerves and discovers a new way to help people.

The main theme in Doctor Strange is life vs. death. In the film there are characters that are trying to obtain eternal life. The main villain in the film is trying to create a world where everyone can live forever. Strange has to evaluate the benefit against the cost of eternal life. Death is something almost everyone fears and there is an analysis that what would be life be like it one could not die. This conflict drives the division between the heroes and villains, and who they should fight for.

Within Doctor Strange, as with many Marvel films, are the effects in the movie. Besides just seeing a film for the film, many people will see Marvel films for the CGI effects. Doctor Strange had its share of visual effects. A main point in the advertising of Doctor Strange was that it is mind warping. The effects certainly did this. In one specific scene, there is an effect of  spinning down town New York City into a four wall figure, which is sure to confuse people. There was one effect not in Doctor Strange that all other Marvel movies use, and that is a gun. Although there was a significant amount of violent activity, there was not one use of a gun. Doctor Strange opted to use a new form a weaponry that tied into the fantasy universe.

Overall I thought Doctor Strange is a film worth seeing. Benedict Cumberbatch is perfect as arrogant, know-it-all Stephen Strange. Strange fits right in with his cast of characters over the years in movies and TV shows. For the average person who has not watched another Marvel movie it is still an enjoyable watch. It is effectively shown as a stand-alone movie without much connection to the other marvel films. Unlike many superhero films of late, a fan can go and still take away a message about life, and not just two hours of CGI. For someone who has been a Marvel fan for awhile, you would enjoy this film as well. Although Doctor Strange does not use background from previous Marvel movies, there are many “easter eggs” and hints to upcoming Marvel movies, culminating with end credit scenes to preview an upcoming movie. I would recommend Doctor Strange to all people looking to go see a good movie in the following weeks.