by Natasha Colon

On the evening of September 28th 2016, the exciting fall Career Fair was in full swing, bringing with it future connections and employers to the hundreds of students that attended the event. There were 150 companies that filled the MAC gymnasium awaiting to mix and mingle with potential future employees of their company. Major companies such as, Johnson and Johnson, Liberty Mutual, PwC, Travelers, and Target, to name a few, were in attendance.

When a student first stepped foot into the lobby of the gymnasium, there was a sea of suits and blazers as far as the eye could see. Once the student checked in, they had the opportunity to get a professional LinkedIn picture taken that was sponsored by Cintas, a company that was also available to connect with if one so desired to. If a student did not feel like waiting in the insanely long line with the masses, they could have hopped over to the Power Lab that was put together by the Health Promotion from Counseling Services, and learned some quick techniques to calm you down before going to your first company of choice. Having a strong empowering “superwoman” stance could get anyone ready for anything. This sort of event can be nerve wracking for many, so learning some skills to remain calm and confident was beneficial.

As one walked through the crowds of people, you could feel the energy that emanated in the room; nervous, yet excited. Students trying to portray themselves as best as possible, and employers doing the same on behalf of their company. For anyone that has never been to this sort of event, it pushed you to branch out and display confidence that all those companies would want to see. With row upon row of companies to connect with, there were a lot of opportunities to make some great first impressions.

The Career Fair not only allows students to see the many company options that are out there, but it also gives them the opportunity to explore the options that they have. Having all those companies in one place makes it easier for students to make connections with companies that they have known about, or even converse with some startups that need a young generational influence in their company. After having discussed with a company representative, most tables had some free “swag” for students to help them remember all those fantastic employers that they talked to.

Every year the Career Fair brings forth new experiences and information that helps students to grasp onto a possible employer, a change in major, or just additional knowledge that could be beneficial to the future. The Career Fair easily filled each student with new knowledgeable information and a sense of the other types of companies and organizations that are out there. Many students were able to leave with more opportunities than they had going into the event. Bryant University is a small campus, but the real world is a large place that is filled with new potential for each and every one of us, the Career Fair made that a realization Wednesday evening.