The Empowering Milan Fashion Week


By: Lorendana Domingio

With a vision to the future, many designers expressed the main trends for Spring 2017. It all started with Gucci and ended with a spectacular closing with Dolce Gabbana. This year the Milan Fashion show was led by women instead of men. These incredible women designers were Donatella Versace representing Versace, Consuelo Castiglioni with Marni, Veronica Etro as Etro, Miuccia Prada representing Prada, and Silvia Venturini with Fendi. According to Vogue, all these talented designers were categorized as the top eight of the Milan Fashion Week 2016. Donatella Versace was the best in this group, she used the perfect combination of elegance and sensuality by using sporty green outfits.

Alessandro Michele was the best opening, representing the Gucci house. This brand was Milan itself, it represented the strong industrialized culture of Northern Italy, and the wild elegant spirit of the time. He used strong colors with exotics prints, such as pink flowers, red silhouettes, and purple glitter. The outfits were accompanied with fringed sleeves, wedges floral shoes, and colorful jackets. Many apparel were combined with simple flat hats that represented the ones used in the 40’s by aircraft pilots. In a few words, Gucci expressed perfectly the vintage style with a variety mix of colors in every detail of their apparel.

We cannot leave behind the most extravagant brand of the world, Dolce Gabbana. This house had been working during a couple of years with the Mediterranean culture. Many analysts described it as the DNA of Sicily. Dolce Gabbana represented the values and the main culture of the Southern Italy. It tried to express the importance of the family and all the old trends that used to be top in the 40’s. A perfect example is the typical black lace dress, which was very common among the elder woman of the time in Sicily. Women used black to remember their deceased husbands that went to war. However, this year in Milan Fashion week, Dolce Gabbana followed their typical Sicilian outfits and the representation of other Italian places, such as Portofino, Roma and Venezia. The house let all the models carry their own cellphones and take selfies while they were in the runway. The idea increased their popularity and called the attention of the audience. This show was the combination of the predictable and innovation.

This Fashion week in Milan, there were many representations about the 40’s and 70’s, but there was a specific house that went far beyond the years. Fendi had a collection inspired to the famous trends of the fifteenth century. Karl Lagerfeld created a special collection with strong colors and a lot of volume. Fendi gave us the perfect colors for spring, such as red with pink, green with cream and blue-black tones. However, this year Fendi was criticized because there was a lack of something different, the house needed something more shocking, for example powerful prints in certain pieces. They utilized strong colors without any print, and volume in the sleeves. The amazing bags were the center of the attention because they had a new handle with colorful flowers and patterns. This spectacular accessory is expected to be a powerful trend for next spring.

The business woman role was owned by Prada. The brand exposed the classical and modern jackets and sorted skirts. This house was characterized to be superb with the perfect equilibrium of soft and strong colors. However, this collection had accessories that created a contrast with the whole outfit. An example, there were earrings with a furry ball at the end. Their main inspiration were modern women, the ones that are independent, strong and dedicated to her job. That is why the house called the attention of everyone because it supported women to fight for what they want in their lives.

“Together we can change the world”, that were the words of Donatella Versace to Heidi Klum and Naomi Campbell after her show. This year, the house wanted to demonstrate that women are capable of everything and they do not have to be afraid of being discriminated. “This show is for the women taking chances. Take the lead, if we do nothing we get nothing. Take the lead, all we need is a friend or two a beating heart in a plan. Take the lead because living is better than dreaming”, those were the inspiring words at the beginning of the presentation. Versace represented a strong, elegant and sexy woman. The house left behind the vulgar reputation that they used to have. Donatella Versace did an incredible job by using dark greens, camouflage, and a military style in every outfit. Generally, a dress is supposed to give the woman a classical and delicate appearance, but Versace created dresses that gave elegance and a little bit of “don’t mess with me”.

The entire week had amazing outfits and creative ideas, but the main objective of the Milan Fashion week was to support all women in the world. This show wanted to give a message to the world, that women should not be afraid of being discriminated. All houses had something in common: they embraced women to be strong, independent, and fight for what they want in life.