By Trinity Bravo

With the year 2020 barely starting there has been several devastating events taking place. From Kobe Bryant passing away to this eerie virus that potentially could turn into a disease that is making its way into the United States known as the Coronavirus. The Coronavirus is a newly identified respiratory virus in humans that can range from a common cold to more serious cases that causes pneumonia or just shutting down your whole respiratory system.

The outbreak of this virus originated in China, it comes from a large family of viruses that are common in many different species of animals, including camels, cattle, cats, and bats. It is very rare that animal viruses can infect people and then spread between people but this one seems to be quite deadly when humans come in contact with this virus. This virus is slowly spreading among the United States. Allegedly there are only nine confirmed cases in the U.S. and four out of the nine are in California, there are two in Illinois, and one confirmed case in Washington, Arizona and Massachusetts.

What all these cases have in common are the fact that within a two week span they have all returned from Wuhan, China, which is the center of the virus’ outbreak, according to World Health Organization (WHO). In China alone, there are at least 16,514 confirmed cases, with 360 deaths in the country. There are at least 16,660 confirmed cases worldwide, and the lone death in the Philippines is the only death outside of the three hundred and sixty in China. Due to this fast spreading virus the United States issued a rule that if you have traveled to China in the last two weeks who aren’t U.S. citizens, permanent residents or have immediate family over here are temporarily banned from the United States and are forced to go back to China. 

Researchers are not fully sure of how this virus is spreading so fast they say that the Coronaviruses is most likely spread through close contact, from a range of about three to six feet. The virus is primarily spread through a sick person coughing or sneezing on someone just like a common cold. There were several google searches asking could anything prevent catching the virus and the only suggestion that several doctors have are to wear disposable mask and gloves and to avoid any type of physical contact with anyone that has been diagnosed with the virus. Another frequently asked question is if there is a vaccine or cure for the Coronavirus but because it is just scratching the surface of the U.S. they haven’t found a cure for it yet and are not sure if they can because of the lack of information they have on this virus. 

With this virus being on the rise it is important for everyone to be very cautious of contact with certain individuals who have just returned from China in the past two to three weeks.