The Class of 2021

Source: Stew Milne

On Saturday, September 2nd That is the number of new bulldogs from all walks of life that waltzed onto Bryant University’s campus. This number makes the Class of 2021 the second largest in Bryant University’s history.

These students are from six of the seven continents, and students from India, China, the Dominican Republic and Canada make up the majority of the international students, which constitutes 6.5% of the class, including 16 students from Bryant Zhuhai.

The Class of 2021 collectively speaks 32 different languages and dialects with six students having the ability to speak at least 4. These student’s majors vary greatly. The Class of 2021 will likely become world leaders when their time at Bryant University comes to an end just like many Bryant students have done before them.

The Class of 2021’s diversity led to a very successful opening weekend and an equally successful convocation in Bryant University’s 154 academic year.

Many members of the Class of 2021 appear enthusiastic in regards to their future at Bryant University. This will likely remain their home for the next four years as they pursue an education that is unparalleled by any school across the nation.

“Stories are great teaching tools,” President Machtley told the Class of 2021 at convocation ceremonies in the Chase Athletic Center on a rainy September 6th. These stories from around the world, will allow the Class of 2021 to not only live and grow together, but to learn from one another.

The students among Bryant’s Class of 2021 have an average SAT score of 1210, well above the national average SAT score is 1020, according to The Class of 2021 has also completed countless hours of community service and worked jobs of a wide variety.

The Class of 2021 had a grade point average of 3.40, and this, combined with the Class’ SAT scores ranks them in the 26th percentile in comparison to students entering other schools around the nation.

“We are all humans, and humans learn from experience.” Said Student Senate President, Joseph Rinaldi. The Class of 2021 would seem to possess all the tools necessary to enhance their time at Bryant University and excel while doing so.

Experience will likely become one of the necessary tools for many members of the Class of 2021, luckily Bryant University would seem to be a great place to gain these necessary experiences.

During the convocation President Machtley discusses fear, and how overcoming it may be essential for the Class of 2021.

“Overcoming fear is the most enlightening part of life,” said President Machtley. This is a quote that will likely come in handy for the Class of 2021 as they face their fears this year. It would also be fair to say that many members of the Class of 2021 will become enlightened this year as they face their fears during their freshman year.

The Class of 2021 will battle and overcome these fears, and truly, no phrase better describes the Class of 2021 than one written by Dr. Seuss himself, “Oh the places you’ll go.