The “Bryant Fashion” Who


Okay, we get it; fashion clubs haven’t really been a thing around Bryant. It’s all business, meetings, IB, finance, you name it, but it’s not usually creative. But don’t give up yet! Believe it or not, Bryant offers a few options for you if you are more fashion forward. If you are looking for a fashion outlet on campus, a chance to learn about business fashion, or just an opportunity to get involved with something that is less “business-y”, the Bryant Fashion Forum is perfect for you!

The club’s mission states: “The Bryant Fashion Forum is a stylish platform for members to collaboratively learn about the large window of business opportunity within the fashion industry and to create and participate in fashion-affiliated campus events. Most importantly, Fashion Forum is an expressive outlet for students passionate about the fashion industry to unite and capitalize on their interests in an enjoyable atmosphere.” The club has struggled making its name on campus but the EBoard members are fully committed and excited to execute their mission to benefit students at Bryant. President Julia Keefe says, “We have a lot of great things planned for students who are interested in making business fashion a career and we also want anyone who’s interested in fashion to join the club.” Keefe also says “it’s important for members and potential members to know that the meetings are almost always interactive and should serve as a fun break from the day.” Meetings are every other Tuesday, from 4-5 in Papitto.

Some successes for the club already this semester have been a trip to college fashion week in Boston, which provided EBoard members and general members a chance to get to know each other, while also establishing the representation of Bryant Fashion Forum among fellow college students. They also successfully created and hosted a new career fair styling service event. Members of the club were made available as stylists to all Bryant students in need of guidance in choosing an outfit for the career fair the following day. They also went on a Griffin Manufacturing tour. Griffin manufacturing is a company which produces apparel geared towards sportswear. Their goal is to provide an all-inclusive production of apparel.   

For some exciting upcoming events, the club will be providing hair and makeup services for the fall play, which is open to all club members. The Fashion Forum is also scheduling one or more guest speakers each month such as Kent Stetson. Kent is a successful handbag designer who went to Brown University and currently runs a boutique at T.F. Green Airport in Providence, RI. A representative from College Fashionista is also scheduled to skype in and speak with the club.

All of the Eboard members want to encourage students who are interested in fashion to join them every other week. There will also be a holiday themed meeting in December before break!

The EBoard members can also offer fashion advice or tips on business fashion. Keefe says that they are here to help, and as a final thought, “Fashion is an important part of our lives as business students and we want to share that with our fellow classmates.”

Who knew that Bryant had a fashion-oriented club? The EBoard also wants to stress that fashion should be a form of self-expression. The club is a safe and judgement-free zone where members can come and discuss what fashion means to them. If anyone has any questions, email The Bryant Fashion Forum at