By Matthew Lee

The Bottom Line, Bryant’s premiere Co-Ed A Cappella group, recently performed at Tufts University in the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella (ICCA). This was the first time performing at a venue of that size since the group’s founding in 2006.

Coming into the start of the fall semester, the group set a goal of performing in the ICCA during the year. They recorded some of their songs and submitted them in hopes of gaining the opportunity to share the group’s sound. They started the year off in a sprint, working hard to meet the deadline for video submissions. After receiving the news that they got into the ICCA, they felt surreal to know their hard work had finally paid off.

The preparation process for ICCA started in Mid-January with an intensive A Capella boot camp, rehearsing from 10-6 every day for over a week. The group worked with several clinicians during the week and a half session, striving to improve their vocal tone, blend, and choreography, as well as participating in group bonding exercises to de-stress. After completion of the boot camp, the group headed into the spring semester with their wheels turning, excited about their improving set.

They performed three songs for their 12-minute set, consisting of a mashup of the Chainsmoker’s Closer and the Fray’s Over my head, Death of a Bachelor by Panic at the Disco, and Save my Soul by Jojo. Two of the three songs arrived late, so the push to learn and perfect each song was even more demanding. However, the lengthy rehearsal time that each member put in proved worthwhile once performance time came.

Upon arrival at Tufts University, the energy throughout the group was electric and contagious. As the first performance in the ICCA with hopefully many more to come, the group as a whole felt no pressure– they were all just proud and excited to be able to perform. Gianna Solitto, a senior and the Business Manager of the group, mentioned, “I’m thankful for the opportunity to have competed for the first time at the ICCA. I’m thankful to have had the experience alongside some of my favorite people.” Gianna, who will graduate next fall, has been part of the group since her sophomore year and sang one of the three solos in the Closer/Over My Head mash up.

Despite not advancing to the next round in the competition, they came away from the performance ecstatic about the way they sounded and looked. It was one of their best performances of the year and they could not be any happier. Max Harz, a bass within the group, said, “Despite everything that we had to overcome, we did such an amazing job and I couldn’t be more proud.” It was truly an amazing experience as the group got to share their sound with other groups in the Northeast Region while meeting and bonding with them.

Throughout the rest of the semester, The Bottom Line has several performances around campus:

Saturday March 25th 6 pm at Janikees Free Admission

Sunday April 9th Spring Music Showcase with Bryant Singers, jazz band, and Chamber Ensemble at Janikees 4 pm Free admission

Saturday May 6th Spring Cabaret at 3 pm in the IFC

Red Day 4/12 time and place TBA