By Emma Laudano

Bryant University was incorporated in 1863, originally located in Providence Rhode Island. Since moving to the Smithfield campus, Bryant has made significant improvements regarding its reputation. According to U.S. World News and Report (Northern Region), Bryant University is ranked number 10. Bryant is particularly well known for its business school. While Bryant’s Arts and Science school has blossomed since the school’s foundation, Bryant has had classes in business ever since its establishment. Bryant does a great job in creating well rounded individuals by requiring students to major in either business or arts and science, and minor in the other. I had the chance to talk with recent Bryant alumnus, Kayla Nikosey, Class of 2017, to discuss her views on how well a Bryant business degree truly prepares students when it comes to entering the business world.

Q: What did you study at Bryant University? What degree did you graduate with?

A: I graduated from the Bryant University Honors Program with a Bachelor of Science in International Business: Finance and Spanish double major.

Q: How soon after graduation were you able to find a job?

A: I signed my job offer in August 2016. This was the summer before I began my senior year at Bryant.

Q: Is this job in the field you studied in school, and what is the job?

A: Yes, I work at Boston Scientific as a Finance Rotational Associate. My first rotation is in Global Operations Finance working on the financials for all of our manufacturing and distribution sites around the globe.

Q: Entering the business world, did you feel adequately prepared to take on the tasks that you were assigned at work?

A: I most definitely feel that I was prepared. I think the most important thing I learned at Bryant is the application of finance to Excel. The CIS [now ISA] class was particularly helpful in learning the different functions of excel.

Q: Was there one thing about going to Bryant University that you feel helped you most when entering the work force, and/or something about a Bryant degree that gave you a competitive advantage compared to other job applicants and co-workers?

A: The dedication of the professors and learning from them gave me a competitive advantage. They prepared me for the working world by teaching not only business knowledge, but also how to conduct yourself at work and the importance of networking to your career.

As evident from the above interview, and from Bryant’s growing reputation, the Bryant business degree does a lot for its graduates. The fact that some students, like Kayla, are able to not only get a job in their field right out of college, but are able to sign a job offer before they even begin their senior year, shows what a Bryant education can do. The Bryant University curriculum goes above and beyond in teaching students the environment of the work force. From rigorous business courses, to student involvement, to dedicated professors, to the infamous presentations and group projects, Bryant does a remarkable job of preparing students to enter the business world comfortably and confidently.