Matthew Carvalho 

At Bryant University, there are an innumerable array of student-run organizations on campus. With so many, we are bound not to know all that much about all of them. With that in mind, a venturous Nick Cianfaglione, the president of Bryant Ventures, reached out to The Archway a few weeks ago. He talked to me about the organization and all the work that has been put in to advertising and marketing Bryant Ventures. He talked about the countless of hours of work to get the name out there, and even about reaching out to The Providence Journal and other local news outlets. I became interested and we agreed that I would come to meet with his members and ask them a few questions in order to introduce their association.  

When I met with the bunch, I was informed that Bryant Ventures has existed for over fifteen years. Cianfaglione described it as a place where people that have innovative ideas, like those in Bryant CEO, come to Bryant Ventures to implement them and create their business. One member, Garret Hoag, talked about how his company was able to get its start. Before joining Ventures, Hoag had a coffee-related business that he said was only able to work slightly. Once he joined the organization, he met with everyone and they told him that he was wasting his time and that his product was a rip-off. They assisted him in making an entirely new business plan and product. He was then given a grant by Bryant that was able to help him with marketing and media for his business. Due to Ventures and Bryant, Hoag’s business made a 180 degree turn and is now a successful customizable coffee shipping company.  

Another member told me that there are “a lot of supporters to tell you that your idea is a good one if you put passion and effort in. A month later you come out with a product. [It] Doesn’t happen unless if you go to Ventures”. Cianfaglione also said that Bryant is one of the only schools that offer a free accelerator program without commission. He described Bryant as a school that wants to help their students succeed with their businesses. Cianfaglione also said that there were many schools that incredibly competitive and are looking more towards the idea of making a profit rather than just helping their students because they are passionate about them and their product. Every single member that I spoke to praised the accelerators at Bryant. They told me that the accelerators are willing to above and beyond to make sure that the product works and is fantastic even over the summer break. They, like the members of Ventures, also care about the product and will work intensely to see it succeed. 

Towards the end of the meeting I had with them, one student told me that it is incredibly important to be at the organization if one desires to make a successful business. He said that they are pushed to make something unique and are needed to make many sacrifices to be with and succeed with Ventures. People help him and others to be the absolute best that they can be to innovate and operate a booming business. He also said that being in the environment he is in makes him not only a better businessman, but a better person.  

If you are interested in Ventures, meetings are at five o’clock in Hall 17 and reach out to Nick Cianfaglione at