By Patrick Najarian

The “console wars” between both Sony and Microsoft seem to have gone on for years every time one of these two companies releases a new iteration of a console such as the Xbox and PlayStation. A recent conference by Sony finally unveiled the technical specs of the new PlayStation 5 following an unveiling by Microsoft which had happened weeks prior and more information about the next Xbox is readily available compared to the new PlayStation. Both of these consoles seem to be packing a lot more power compared to the earlier iterations and are looking at a holiday 2020 release if nothing is compromised.

Details regarding both consoles have been released but both companies seem to be holding off for the future to release more information such as the price of each console. Looking towards the Xbox Series X as it is called firstly, we can see the power has duplicated substantially. The most persistent word both companies are bringing up is the word “teraflops” which is a measure of power. A teraflop is simple terms is the way a processor in a console or computer can calculate floating-point operations per second or how the speeds of loading time and graphics load within the console or computer. If we compare the new to the old, we can see the base Xbox One had roughly 1.31 teraflops and the new Series X is pushing 12 teraflops which looks to be a tremendous amount of power comparatively. This jump is looking to cement the Xbox Series X as one of the most powerful consoles on the market when it releases this holiday season. The jump in power so far is detailed to enable raytracing of light in games, faster loading speeds, better graphics, and the ability to hop between games or videos without closing them out first. The Xbox Series X seems to be the most powerful in terms of teraflops, but the PlayStation 5 will be closely behind.

The PlayStation 5 so far has not released as many details as Microsoft has about the new Xbox so far, but they have given a conference where most of the technical speculations were laid out and also compared to the Xbox Series X. The teraflops measured in the new PlayStation comes in at around 10.28 teraflops compared to the 1.84 teraflops found in the base PlayStation 4 which is still a high jump even if it is slightly behind the Xbox Series X. Although slightly behind the new Xbox, Sony has said that the new PlayStation will be the fastest console on the market knocking out load speeds even faster than the new Xbox with the same abilities such as raytracing and improved graphics. The substantial speed boost comes from the SSD or solid-state drive which both consoles have but are utilized in different ways through each infrastructure. It was speculated that Sony jumped the power up even more to compete with Microsoft which is the reason they have not released a final image of their new console as of yet. The conference held gave us a good amount of information regarding the spec list and how audio is a priority going into the PlayStation 5 compared to the Xbox Series X.

The Series X and PlayStation 5 look to both be on the same level tech wise and implement many new iterations and are one of the highest jumps in power regarding previous generations of consoles that have been released in the past. It is exciting looking towards the future and we will have to wait to see what both Microsoft and Sony bring to the table next. This generation is already looking like a very good one in terms of technical specs so far and the companies have not even given much of a look at the software they will put on their console which should drum up hype at a bigger  scale. We can look forward to a good year from both Sony and Microsoft in the wake of this new console generation.