Target has been making some big moves as of late. One of their major announcements regards their number of employees. Summer is not even over yet, but planning is already underway at Target. The retail giant announced that they plan on hiring over one hundred thirty thousand new, seasonal employees. It is obvious that this is going to have a grand impact on the company, but to get a better idea on this issue, I sought out comments from an actual employee of Target. These statements are the view of one individual, and by no means reflect the views of Target or any larger organization and the source wishes to remind anonymous when they say, “The hiring of seasonal workers for the holiday season is a fairly old concept for retailers, such as Target. Any team member at Target who has worked several years is familiar with the wave of new faces and the impacts, both positive and negative, that come with this wave of hiring. 

Many current team members originally started as seasonal workers for the holiday season and were offered a position after the holiday season. It is important to hire seasonally in order to meet the increased demand that stores face during the holiday season. However, it does mean that a good portion of the increasing payroll goes towards training and hours for these seasonal hires. This results in experienced team members needing to train and guide new hires in providing an excellent guest experience, which may temporarily hinder their level of service as an individual is split between assisting coworkers and completing their tasks. While hiring seasonal workers may have some positives and negatives for traditional team members, it is integral for retailers to do this in order to meet the demands of the holiday season. 

The continued success of the company is necessary for current workers to have job security and possible increases in wages, and the extra sales during the holiday season are extremely important for success in the industry”. According to the source, it seems like it is going be an extra difficult time of year for the already hired staff. Not only are they going to have to focus on getting the new recruits prepared and ready for the Christmas season, but they also must continue with their usual duties and serving the customer. Target has also announced that they will be introducing a new rewards program for the company. I asked for the thoughts of the same source on this topic and they said, “In short, I think that the new rewards program will be beneficial for Target guests, but is not a major surprise for those following the developments of Target over the last several years. Target originally started with giving guests paper coupons to incentive guests to return to the store. This was eventually integrated into the Cartwheel app, which gave guests percentages (or cents) off certain items and brands at Target.  Cartwheel was eventually integrated into the Target app and the old app was discontinued.

The Target app included the old features of Cartwheel, while integrating new features like the ability to place orders, find in-store locations for items, pull up order receipts, and more. The evolution of these traditional Cartwheel offers to the new name of “Target Circle Offers”, combined with a savings of 1% for guests using the rewards program is not a major surprise. However, it is interesting that the Target Circle 1% savings cannot be combined with RedCard savings, which is highly encouraged for guests.  Since these two savings cannot be combined, it appears that Target Circle (with the measly 1% savings compared to the 5% with the RedCard), strives to build brand loyalty with guests who do not wish to apply for a credit card or debit card. Target realizes that a large portion of guests do not necessarily want a RedCard and are using the benefits from Target Circle to build brand loyalty with these guests.  Target Circle, Target’s new rewards program, is simply the next step in the evolution of Target’s rewards programs as it strives to build brand loyalty with guests to compete with its competitors”. It seems like this is not a program meant for those who have a RedCard. With all the benefits that this program offers, customercannot use Target Circle in the same purchase with RedCard. However, this program will still be put out to provide multiple benefits for those customers who do not want to have the credit card.