Hong Kong, former English colony which belongs to Britain, was handed over to China after 1997. Recently, two parliamentarians got involved in an incident of taking an oath before being a member in the legislative council. These two people read “Chi-lam” in place of “China,” which stimulated a lot of Chinese people’s anger as the word was too sensitive to say. After a while, Hong Kong government had judicial review, wanting court to ban from two individuals’ second trial of oath.

This is not the primary event that Hong Kong politicians played a role in the farce. Before, some members in the council argued with the president in the Assembly, while some radical persons even threw items towards other people. After all, they were all parts of pan-democracy camp, which showed different statements and opinions against the pro-establishment camp,supporters of Beijing as well as CCP(Chinese Communist Party). In recent years, more Hong Kong people are unsatisfied with Leung Chun-ying, the Chief Executives of the city, in holding power. Leung always abused his power to intervene in some of Hong Kong’s own affairs, destroying the system of “Separation of Three Power.” Under the principle “One Country, Two Systems,” Hong Kong has a large space of autonomy and rights of freedom, such as freedom of speech, freedom of press, that need to be promoted. However, at the beginning of 2016, the Chinese New Year, a large riot in Mong Kok broke out. Protesters threw the stones on the streets to be opposed with the ruling of police. Before that period, a piece of shocking news also attracted the world’s attention. Five missing Hong Kong booksellers in the same store were said to be hijacked by Chinese mainland’s police to cross the border directly. Chinese Ministry denied the statement and insisted on the persistence of obeying the principle of keeping Hong Kong’s capitalism unchanged. Hong Kong people feared of their rights being deprived by Chinese government, under the circumstance that Hong Kong’s tightening right of freedom of speech in these years. Some of Hong Kong newspapers and presses were merged by Chinese funds, which were suspected whether the political values could be remained in the future. According to the convention signed by China and Britain, the whole system in Hong Kong will last for 50 years until 2047, when Hong Kong people will determine their future.

After 2012, Leung Chun-ying came to power, he became the culprit of Hong Kong’s social conflict. Before 2008, Hong Kong liked their country so much. When I came to Hong Kong at that time, a lot of people waved their flags to welcome the Olympic competitors. The failure of government to solve the issues such as dried milk’s excess purchase, free tour by mainland tourists, and so on, has bothered the citizens and they even felt disappointed by government’s ability to serve the city. In the 2014 Umbrella Revolution, people protested for a general election but the requests were refused by politicians.

The Hong Kong council’s inefficiency is linked to a lot of policies’ unsuccessful implementation but they are unhelpful. Government’s improper action towards appeals arouses more citizens’ discontent, developing a trend “Hong Kong Independence” today. Even though it is illegal and unrealistic, Hong Kong government never reflected their problems. It is time for them to change instantly.

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My name is Zexuan Yang, a Sophomore student in Bryant Zhuhai campus. I am interested in Economics, Politics and Informational Technology.