Super Bowl LII Recap: Patriots vs. Eagles

Source: Just Jared

By Alisi Motu’apuaka

The biggest, most important football game of the year is debatably the Super Bowl. On February 4th, 2018, the Philadelphia Eagles took on the New England Patriots for Super Bowl LII, both with similar goals in mind to win.

The game started in the first quarter with the Eagles making their presence known early, opening up the Super Bowl with a field goal. The Patriots, however, answer back quickly with a field goal in return. The Eagles’ offense slowly getting warm, respond with a touchdown pass from their backup quarterback, Nick Foles. Although they eventually miss their extra point, they still gain a lead of six with the score of 9-3.

The Patriots look like they’ll come back with a touchdown as the Eagles did, but as the time expires, the teams switch sides as it was now the second quarter. They begin the quarter with a field goal attempt, but unfortunately they miss it. The Eagles cannot capitalize on the Patriots’ missed field goal as the Patriots’ defense hold them to a punt. The Patriots defense seem as if they are warmed up, however their offense cannot take advantage of the hard work of their defense, eventually being held up by the Eagles’ defense, turning the ball over on downs. The Eagles take over, as their running back runs in their first rushing touchdown, making the score 15-3. They try to make up for the missed extra point earlier in the game by going for a 2-point conversion, but the Patriots defense step up and do not allow it.

The Patriots’ offense responds quickly with a big run play down the field for a 45-yard gain. Not being able to use their screen play to their advantage, the Patriots must settle for a field goal where they now stand at a score of 15-6. The Eagles gain massive yardage by their running back, Blunt; however, a big deflection on a touchdown pass ends up in the hands of a Patriots’ defender, counting for the first turnover of the night. New England finally gets a rushing touchdown, but unfortunately miss their extra point, and are only down by three points. With under 38 seconds of the first half left, Philadelphia goes for the touchdown, running a trick play and scoring off of a throw to their own quarterback, Nick Foles. The Patriots move quickly with 34 seconds left, trying to get more points on the board. Not being able to make any progress, the score stays 22-12 going into halftime.

After a slow first quarter, both teams pick up the pace in the second quarter. The Eagles lead the Patriots 22-12 despite a first half of missed PAT’s and 2-point conversions. The Patriots stay composed as they are said to be a second half team, while the Eagles try not to let this lead get to their heads as they attempt to make history and capture their first Super Bowl win. The third quarter starts off with the Patriots receiving the ball as they open up the second half with a scoring throw from Brady to Gronkowski. Their extra point is good as they are now only trailing by three with a score of 22-19.

The Eagles quickly strike back with a touchdown that is debated by the refs, commentators and undoubtedly New England fans. They extend their lead back to ten points, but the Patriots waste no time as they score right back with another touchdown pass. Hoping to extend their lead back to ten, the Patriots’ defense holds the Eagles to a field goal with the score being 32-26, only down by six. The Patriots eventually take their first lead of the game with a touchdown pass, once again, leading by just one point at 33-32.

After running down the clock, the Eagles score a touchdown, taking back the lead at 38-33. They go for another 2-point conversion and do not succeed. The Patriots get the ball back and are only down five points. With 2:09 left on the clock, Brady makes his first turnover at potentially the worst possible time of the game as the Eagles’ defensive line knock the ball out of Brady’s hand and recover the fumble. The Eagles take advantage of the Patriots’ turnover and score a field goal, extending their lead by eight at 41-33. The Patriots start at the 9-yard line as the Super Bowl slowly comes to an end with less than one minute to go.

The Eagles defensive linemen step up once again in this crucial time, but Brady still finds a way to throw a first down pass on 4th and 10 with 26 seconds left. Brady eventually must throw a Hail Mary as the clock dwindles down. With no time left on the clock, Brady’s thrown ball is juggled around in the end zone, but unfortunately cannot find the hands of a Patriots’ receiver, ending the Super Bowl. The Philadelphia Eagles make history, earning the program’s first Super Bowl win with a score of 41-33.