Straight from the source: Answers from LNC Chairman


This is an election like none other, with some of the most disliked candidates taking unconventional campaign strategies. A third party politician has something to say. Here are answers from LNC Chair Nicholas Sarwark.

Q. What would you tell people that say voting third party is a wasted vote?

A. Voting isn’t a bet on the winner of the race.  You don’t win anything by correctly picking which person ends up being President.  Voting is speech.  It’s our voice expressing who we want to lead the country.

My vote is for the candidate I think is most qualified for the office of President, the Libertarian Gary Johnson.  It may be that a bad person gets elected instead, but there’s no prize for helping.

Q. What is one thing most people don’t know about Gary Johnson?

A. He’s originally from North Dakota, which may be why he’s so nice and humble.  He ran a race for Governor of New Mexico with his own money and without ever mentioning his opponents; he preferred to talk about his positive message instead.  And it worked.

Q. What is one thing most people don’t know about Bill Weld?

A. He still holds the record for the highest vote total for Massachusetts Governor in history, 71 percent for re-election in 1994.  That’s more impressive when you remember that he ran as a Republican in a state where Democrats outnumber Republicans 3-1.

Q. What advice would you offer students that would like a career in politics?

A.Don’t major in political science. Americans are fed up with career politicians and studying what happened before is only a tiny part of moving forward to what’s going to happen next.  A law degree can be helpful, but mostly for the practice in public speaking.  Get involved with campaigns and community activities; the best way to learn is by going out and trying.

Q. What economic school of thought do you fall into and why? (e.g. Keynesian/Austrian)

A. I don’t really put myself into a particular economic school of thought, but I have some problems with the idea that government can tax people to spend their money on projects and create economic growth out of nothing.  The math doesn’t work and the bill has to be paid, even if it is going to be by my children or grandchildren.  We’d have more growth leaving that money with the people so they could use it to innovate and create real economic opportunity.

Q. What is one thing our country is doing well that we should be optimistic about?

 A. We’re becoming more skeptical of the old parties (Republicans and Democrats) and old-party politicians.  Americans are seeing that their promises are empty and they are both really running to try to get power to pay off political favors with your money.  Maybe that’s why voter registrations for the Libertarian Party have been growing since 2012 while voter registrations for the old parties have been declining.

No matter what side you take on the fence, it is important to vote. Make sure you are registered and get out on election day – Tuesday November 8th.