By Eliza Nuestro

On March 12, Bryant Club Sports student-athletes, coaches, parents, and staff received an email from Nicholas Schleicher, Assistant Athletic Director for Recreation of Bryant University, stating that the University has suspended all athletic-related activities of club sports until March 29 regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Within that period, the University will reevaluate the situation and release its decision by March 26 regarding the remainder of the spring season.

Unexpectedly, the next day on March 13, Mr. Schliehcer broke the news that the spring season for all club sports was canceled after having a meeting with the Athletic Administration and Student Affairs of the University. The decision to cancel the season was influenced by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) to cancel all spring sports championships due to the virus concerns. Bryant University’s decision is in response to the spread of the virus in which they are taking necessary precautions for the well being of the entire community.

This news has taken a toll on many student-athletes due to the love of the sport. No one imagines their season to be over within a moment’s decision. For the seniors, this news is especially heartbreaking because it is their last time playing for their college career. This decision resulted in the seniors losing their final season of the sport they love playing.

Fortunately, there are no suspected cases of the virus on the campus. Bryant University’s decision was made out of caution for the health and safety of the campus community. By

canceling the spring season, it eliminates any future risk of students receiving the virus through contact in any sport. This allows the Bryant community to stay safe during this global health situation.

For the Women’s Rugby team, this took a hard hit to them due to their excitement for the spring season. The spring season marks their transition from playing 15s to playing 7s meaning that fewer people are playing on the field at a faster pace. One of the many differences in 7s is that the duration of the game is cut from 80 minutes to 14 minutes of each game in a tournament. At the end of their fall season of 15s, they ended with six wins and zero losses. These women placed second in the USA Rugby Fall Championship Northeast Regional Championship with a score of 7-33 against Vassar College.

The Women’s Rugby spring season of playing 7s tournaments was shortly cut to an end. Luckily, players were fortunate to play in two tournaments before the season unexpectedly ended. Due to the NCAA’s decision to cancel championships, this upsets the team because they were heading to the Beast of the East tournament in April. Sadly, NCAA’s decision puts an end to all their future games in the spring season. While at home, these women are training and getting ready to return for their fall season in September. With six seniors graduating this year, the Women’s Rugby team works harder to come back with hope in new players joining in the fall.