This week’s Spotlight is Yoga Club, one of the newest Registered Student Organizations on Bryant’s campus. I interviewed the President, Adriana Deacon, to learn more about the organization and their journey to becoming approved by Student Government.

Yoga Club was officially recognized by Senate on January 31st, 2018. Adriana was honest that the process of becoming official was not the easiest. She started the process at the start of her sophomore year, but progress slowed until a year later, during the fall of her junior year. There is a long list of things to accomplish before approval, including attending a new organization informational meeting, finding interest for the club, developing and revising a constitution, and pitching to Senate. Adriana says that they have been working their way through their post-recognition logistical checklist before their first meeting.

Adriana told me a little bit about how rewarding it is to be President. “I love watching people who have never tried yoga before completely fall in love with it. Yoga is expensive if you are just going to a yoga studio, teaching classes for the Chace Wellness Center and having free classes for yoga club allows college students on a budget to experience what yoga has the potential to do for them. To me, yoga is the ultimate way to stay in touch with yourself and learn self-love. When people start practicing they find this to be true, I’ve seen it happen time and time again. Teaching at the gym is what inspired me to work on instating yoga club again after seeing how it helped some of my closest friends with their self-image. It can happen for anyone if you let it!”

Yoga Club General Meetings are every Thursday at 6:15pm in the Interfaith Center, starting this Thursday February 22nd. According to Adriana, “Each meeting is going to be either a traditional yoga or meditation practice. For this semester, the majority of our meetings are going to be just yoga, but we plan to expand and do more next semester. Eventually we would like to hold events like arm balance workshops and bring in guest teachers to mix things up and expose our members to different types of yoga. Their newness gives them flexibility to create new events, and impact students on a new level. They are focusing now on growing their club with new and dedicated members.

Most importantly, you do not need experience to get involved in Yoga Club! Their meetings are open to anyone and they are non-obligatory. You can go to one, a few, or every meeting, depending on your schedule, mood, and health. Every instructor teaches an all-levels class, giving modifications for beginners and suggestions for those who are more advanced. Also, do not believe the misconception that yoga is just for girls. Most instructors teach classes that are 50/50 girls and boys. Adriana emphasizes yoga could be the best thing you try for yourself all semester, it’s absolutely worth a shot.