Every year, Americans acknowledge the attacks of September 11 and the families and friends of the victims gather at Ground Zero in New York City. This year was no different. Thousands of people came together at the memorial to grieve and pay their respects to the fallen. The names of the victims were read aloud at the ceremony and they also held two moments of silence to represent each plane that crashed into the Twin Towers. 

It is still something that puts many Americans and many people in awe when they remember what happened in D.C. and New York City. To remember the day, Donald Trump delivered a speech at the Pentagon. Before it was time for him to make his address, he went to Twitter on the day of remembrance when he tweeted, “In a hypothetical poll, done by one of the worst pollsters of them all, the Amazon Washington Post/ABC, which predicted I would lose to Crooked Hillary by 15 points (how did that work out?), Sleepy Joe, Pocahontas and virtually all others would beat me in the General Election”. When delivering his speech and recalling his thought process and what he was going through during the assault, he said, “I vividly remember when I first heard the news. I was sitting at home watching a major business television show. Early that morning, Jack Welch, the legendary head of General Electric, was about to be interviewed, when all of a sudden they cut away. At first there were different reports. ‘It was a boiler fire,’ but I knew that boilers aren’t at the top of a building. ‘It was a kitchen explosion in Windows on the World.’ Nobody really knew what happened. There was great confusion. I was looking out of a window from a building in Midtown Manhattan directly at the World Trade Center when I saw a second plane at a tremendous speed go into the second tower. It was then that I realized the world was going to change.”  As nice of a speech as this was, it should be said that it seems like this may be another false statement made by the President. 

During the eighteen years since the attacks, Donald Trump has recalled his day during the assault many times and there have been multiple versions of the story. One of the older versions of the story had him in Trump Tower when the second plane struck the second tower. Later in the speech he took the time to make it clear that the plans to go to Camp David and have talks with the Taliban have been cancelled. Donald Trump made this decision due to the recent attack in Afghanistan which resulted in the death of an American soldier. Modern terrorism is a plague that has been harming the United States for many years now. Every single one of these attacks has hurt the US and one cannot compare one attack to another, however, the attacks of September 11 have continued to influence and bond the countryThese attacks may still feel fresh, but they have happened eighteen years ago, and it is amazing that there are legal adults out there who were not alive for this history making tragedy. When the towers and the Pentagon went down due to the disastrous attacks of terrorism, not only did it leave a giant scar on the United States, but it left a mark on every person in the United States. Always remember the impact that this event has had on our country and to always come together for one another.